Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kiky in Remembrance

Salam To All

It's being ages since I had the time to update this blog!

Well today is a special day. 26 October 2010. She could have reached the age of half a decade, so to call. The golden years..... She could have been 50 years old today if she is still around. Unfortunately, Allah loves her more than we do.

The lovable lady in my life!

That's my beloved wife, Allahyarhamah Rokiah Mohamed @ Kiky. She short lived by 2 years 10 months to reached the magical number of 50. What can I say?

In remembrance of her, all I could do is recite Surah Yassin. I guess that is the best gift for her after her demise. All I could for now.

No one can replace her in my life right now. No one! Hence that's probably the reason why I'm still single till now. Hmm. don't know why?

But all I could say is that she is the best soul in my life. She is the reason why I decided to get married 21 years ago. She is the mother of my 4 growing up kids ooppss.. growing up young men and lady. They grow so fast that sometimes I didn't realized that they are already big.

Anyway today 26 October 2010 is her birthday. Usually a day or two, the kids and I would have been looking something for her birthday present. Mimi especially would be thinking of what to buy for her dearest mom. The boys.. hmm... probably just sign off the birthday card bought by their little sister.

Whatever it is, there is no more birthday cards for her.. no more birthday wishes for her .. no more singing happy birthday for her.. it's all in our memories now. All I can do is remembering her when she was around. She celebrated her last birthday with some of our close friends about 2 months before she passed away.

Well that's is history. But I have so much memory with her. Why shouldn't I... she has been in my life for 18 years and no one can ever erase that memory.

Her last birthday celebrated during Hari Raya 2007

To my love one, may you rest in peace and may Allah placed you amongst the Shuhadah.
As I told you, I will take care of our children no matter what. That is my oath to you dear.


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