Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lena Imani Huisman

Lena Imani Huisman

This cute little baby is Lena Imani Huisman. The first baby for Emma & Dannial Huisman. If you had been following my blog, you would have remember that I wrote about their wedding in Terengganu and also in KL. Emma is my eldest niece. She married Dennis Huisman a Dutch (now Dannial Huisman after converted to Islam). Read about them here. Married in Malaysia now residing in Rijswijk, Holland.

So in ranking, Lena Imani is a grand daughter to me on my family side. My sister Kak Chik has been writing about her first cucu from Holland. Her blog is Mami Zaitun. And I have been reading her blog. She has been there about amoth ago to take care of Emma once she gave birth. I have been reading her blog daily : First I want to follow what she has been doing there and second to see cute little Lena Imani.

Practically Lena Imani has a Dutch-Malay-Pakistan blood. A mixed blood from her parent. She is only a couple of weeks old but she looks as if she is about 3 months already. Look at her. Ain't she cute. Can't wait to see her when she comes back to Malaysia.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is it a miracle or it is a coincident?

The beautiful flowers blooming - red, pink and white.

If you look at the pictures and the topic above, you might be wondering : what is the correlation between the picture of the flowers and the miracle right? Well let me explain.

Have you ever got a friend who had married for years but still not blessed with children? Probably some people say "rezeki belum ada lagi" which is true.

I got a a close friend who is in that situation as well. I guess they had been married for more than 6 years but still not blessed with any child yet. I told them to be patience because I am sure one day they will get one.

The plant had grown so much that it had crept onto
our polycarbonate roofing.

One thing that I realized about this good
friend of mine is that both he and his wife loves to give things to me. They would give me things that they got from kampung (rambutan, tapai, cendawan, etc,) or things that they brought when they go visit places (ikan masin) especially when they knew that I like those things. Not many people will give me things like that. I always appreciate them for that.

It bloom every 2 months with beautiful flowers and scent
was very refreshing.

In one of many occasion, while driving together with him , I told him that I like to plant this kind of flowers (the one in the picture) at my house but somehow or rather the plant died after a week or so. I had tried many time but unfortunately they died as well. So I gave up planting it although I like the color of the flowers.

Another thing about him is that, whenever I told him that I wanted something, he will try to get it for me - including this plant. What a good friend isn't it? So out of the blues one day, he gave me this plant which he got it from his mother in law in Pahang. That was more than 6 months ago.

I planted it in front of the house gate. Although for first month there was no progress i.e. it doesn't grow well. Until the last three months where it start to flower. Not only that it started for grew so well that it started to develops lot of branches and kept growing.

One day after I had my Asar prayers suddenly it occurred in my mind - correlating the development of this plant and my friend's wife getting pregnant. Weird isn't it but its true. Initially I dismiss the thought. But for a few days it kept coming into my mind.

After three days suddenly this friend of mine called me just to catch up with things and he also told me about the good news that his wife had conceived for 6 weeks now. I immediately told him that could it be a coincident that the plants that he gave me had started growing as well. Whatever it is, I am very happy for him.

Now the plant as you can see, had kept growing, And because of that I had to get some wire that tie them towards the roofing of my porch. And now it has bears beautiful flowers.

Red. pink and white - can it be a girl??? Let's see.

I don't know whether you call it coincident or maybe God had blessed them to conceive a child because they had always been giving to people and now God is giving them back the blessing.

Ok lets' us guess together whether this is going to be true or not. Since the flowers is blooming with red, pink and white flowers, could it be a GIRL? Let's find this out in 5 months time when my friend wife's is due to deliver.

Moments in Time

One of the things that I kept my memories as treasures are the photographs that I have taken years back. These are the moments that captured in time : time during our school days, the memorable college years, the dating and courting days, of course the wedding, days I saw the kids growing up, and every moments that I wanted to be reminisced when I'm old enough not doing anything but looking at the photographs on a rocking chair.

That's is why I took the trouble to take photographs after photographs to add more pictures into my library of life. Dated back from my school days till now. Although time have changed and so is the technology of photography but still pictures will meant a thousand words. Pictures will be priceless as time passed by because we cannot buy back the time. But we can track back the memories by seeing the pictures we have taken many years back.

I have lots of collections. Arwah Ky was also an avid photograph keeper. She kept all the photographs in boxes under Mimi's bed. After years in the boxes I never knew what happen to it till last Saturday.

Bibik was cleaning Mimi's room and I told her to check all the boxes under Mimi's bed. True enough some of the boxes were already infested with termites. Not only that, the most of the photographs which were kept in the mini albums were spoil because of the moisture.

Bibik and I took the trouble to take out these photograph one by one. I had to dry them under the sun for a while. Unfortunately some of these photographs could not be saved.

When I look at these photographs, they are from many occasion of my life. There are picture of Kiky and me during our Umrah days back in year 2000, many birthdays occasions when we had our quarterly family gatherings, of weddings pictures, pictures of my kids growing up and having fun then, etc. etc.

Luckily most of the pictures can be saved. I will definitely keep these as a treasure of my life. Especially pictures of me and Arwah Kiky and the kids. I cannot buy time anymore but I can definitely buy back the memories that I had with people I love.

Along Aizuddin in College

Sunday 6 July 2008 was a memorable day to me. It's the registration day for Along at his university "University Kuala Lumpur". As a father I was very proud that he was chosen to be admitted into this University - especially being the eldest amongst his siblings - he has to show a good example to his younger brothers and sister. He was admitted to take up Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Process). Even though his first choice was Aviation Engineering but he couldn't get a place till January 2009, which is a bit too late for him.

On Saturday afternoon I reminder the kids to sleep early that night so that we can shoot off early to Taboh Naning, Alor Gajah to send Along for his University registration. All of us including Bibik were in our Avanza by 8.00 am after breakfast. As we had recce the place before so we have no problem finding the campus this time.

We arrived about 10.00 am and many parents and new students were already there. They were many staff and old students showed us direction where to park and where to register. However only new students were allowed into the halls whilst the parents and others had to hang out outside.

There were university staff selling stuffs like burgers and drinks outside the hall. Acik and Mimi immediate felt hungry when they saw this. And I had to buy them these. I had a good bargain myself and bought rambutan at only RM2.50.

Family pose at the Main Entrance. I told them we had to take
a shot here to mark a memorable day in Along's life.

After the registration was done, we went to see Along's new room. Along curiously asked me, "Ayah, Along dapat bilik ke atau Dorm". I told him "I don't know but lets find out". He was curious because he had been staying in a dormitory for the last 5 years in his school.

Along carry is luggage into his new room.

Along was grinning when he say that he got a room instead of dormitory. However he has to share his room with 3 other students. When we got into the room, there was already one student who just came in. We got ourselves introduced.
Bibik helped out to arrange Along's belonging.

The room was a small room and each of them got the basic facility : a bed, a closet, a study table and a chair. I guess they have to make do what they got.

We didn't know that they didn't provide a pillow and Along did bring one. So I suggested that we'll buy one in town. I asked someone there and they told me that the nearest town is Tampin - which is about 10 km from the campus. So off we went.

By the way, although Taboh Naning is in Alor Gajah, it is actually bordering into Negeri Sembilan.

His closet - very minimum space.

Mimi tried on Along's bed.

Family pose in Along's room.

Uncle Joe (my out-law) once told me that if I ever get to that place, I should not miss buying lemang there. He specifically told me to go to Gerai no. 2 between Jalan Tampin and Rembau - because according to him they sell the best lemang there.

After making a round, we got to that place. And since it's already 12.30 noon, I thought why not we have lunch there as well. The kids love to eat the lemang with Rendang Daging, Masak Lemak Daging Salai and Sambal Tumis Petai.

Gerai No. 2, Restoran Sakidah, Jalan Rembau - Tampin.

Lomang dengan Masak Lomak Daging Salai dan
Rondang Daging ...... Sodappppp!!!!

Everybody was enjoying the lemang and rendang.

So after lunch, we head off to Tampin was was about 5 km away. I have not been to Tampin in my life before but I can predict it just a small town. But I was relief when I saw that there is a Giant supermarket. So we got what we wanted for Along there.

After we got all the stuff we required, we sent Along back into his campus. I gave him a fatherly advise : Study hard and make full use of his life in the University.

I also once told him that if he got at least 3.5 CGPA for the 1st semester, I might think of buying him a used Kancil car. But that all depends????