Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moments in Time

One of the things that I kept my memories as treasures are the photographs that I have taken years back. These are the moments that captured in time : time during our school days, the memorable college years, the dating and courting days, of course the wedding, days I saw the kids growing up, and every moments that I wanted to be reminisced when I'm old enough not doing anything but looking at the photographs on a rocking chair.

That's is why I took the trouble to take photographs after photographs to add more pictures into my library of life. Dated back from my school days till now. Although time have changed and so is the technology of photography but still pictures will meant a thousand words. Pictures will be priceless as time passed by because we cannot buy back the time. But we can track back the memories by seeing the pictures we have taken many years back.

I have lots of collections. Arwah Ky was also an avid photograph keeper. She kept all the photographs in boxes under Mimi's bed. After years in the boxes I never knew what happen to it till last Saturday.

Bibik was cleaning Mimi's room and I told her to check all the boxes under Mimi's bed. True enough some of the boxes were already infested with termites. Not only that, the most of the photographs which were kept in the mini albums were spoil because of the moisture.

Bibik and I took the trouble to take out these photograph one by one. I had to dry them under the sun for a while. Unfortunately some of these photographs could not be saved.

When I look at these photographs, they are from many occasion of my life. There are picture of Kiky and me during our Umrah days back in year 2000, many birthdays occasions when we had our quarterly family gatherings, of weddings pictures, pictures of my kids growing up and having fun then, etc. etc.

Luckily most of the pictures can be saved. I will definitely keep these as a treasure of my life. Especially pictures of me and Arwah Kiky and the kids. I cannot buy time anymore but I can definitely buy back the memories that I had with people I love.

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