Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is it a miracle or it is a coincident?

The beautiful flowers blooming - red, pink and white.

If you look at the pictures and the topic above, you might be wondering : what is the correlation between the picture of the flowers and the miracle right? Well let me explain.

Have you ever got a friend who had married for years but still not blessed with children? Probably some people say "rezeki belum ada lagi" which is true.

I got a a close friend who is in that situation as well. I guess they had been married for more than 6 years but still not blessed with any child yet. I told them to be patience because I am sure one day they will get one.

The plant had grown so much that it had crept onto
our polycarbonate roofing.

One thing that I realized about this good
friend of mine is that both he and his wife loves to give things to me. They would give me things that they got from kampung (rambutan, tapai, cendawan, etc,) or things that they brought when they go visit places (ikan masin) especially when they knew that I like those things. Not many people will give me things like that. I always appreciate them for that.

It bloom every 2 months with beautiful flowers and scent
was very refreshing.

In one of many occasion, while driving together with him , I told him that I like to plant this kind of flowers (the one in the picture) at my house but somehow or rather the plant died after a week or so. I had tried many time but unfortunately they died as well. So I gave up planting it although I like the color of the flowers.

Another thing about him is that, whenever I told him that I wanted something, he will try to get it for me - including this plant. What a good friend isn't it? So out of the blues one day, he gave me this plant which he got it from his mother in law in Pahang. That was more than 6 months ago.

I planted it in front of the house gate. Although for first month there was no progress i.e. it doesn't grow well. Until the last three months where it start to flower. Not only that it started for grew so well that it started to develops lot of branches and kept growing.

One day after I had my Asar prayers suddenly it occurred in my mind - correlating the development of this plant and my friend's wife getting pregnant. Weird isn't it but its true. Initially I dismiss the thought. But for a few days it kept coming into my mind.

After three days suddenly this friend of mine called me just to catch up with things and he also told me about the good news that his wife had conceived for 6 weeks now. I immediately told him that could it be a coincident that the plants that he gave me had started growing as well. Whatever it is, I am very happy for him.

Now the plant as you can see, had kept growing, And because of that I had to get some wire that tie them towards the roofing of my porch. And now it has bears beautiful flowers.

Red. pink and white - can it be a girl??? Let's see.

I don't know whether you call it coincident or maybe God had blessed them to conceive a child because they had always been giving to people and now God is giving them back the blessing.

Ok lets' us guess together whether this is going to be true or not. Since the flowers is blooming with red, pink and white flowers, could it be a GIRL? Let's find this out in 5 months time when my friend wife's is due to deliver.

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