Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lena Imani Huisman

Lena Imani Huisman

This cute little baby is Lena Imani Huisman. The first baby for Emma & Dannial Huisman. If you had been following my blog, you would have remember that I wrote about their wedding in Terengganu and also in KL. Emma is my eldest niece. She married Dennis Huisman a Dutch (now Dannial Huisman after converted to Islam). Read about them here. Married in Malaysia now residing in Rijswijk, Holland.

So in ranking, Lena Imani is a grand daughter to me on my family side. My sister Kak Chik has been writing about her first cucu from Holland. Her blog is Mami Zaitun. And I have been reading her blog. She has been there about amoth ago to take care of Emma once she gave birth. I have been reading her blog daily : First I want to follow what she has been doing there and second to see cute little Lena Imani.

Practically Lena Imani has a Dutch-Malay-Pakistan blood. A mixed blood from her parent. She is only a couple of weeks old but she looks as if she is about 3 months already. Look at her. Ain't she cute. Can't wait to see her when she comes back to Malaysia.

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Emma said...

Of course she is cute!She gets it from her Ibu! :)

Assalammualaikum Uncle Mi and all.Hope all is well there.

Lena is growing well as you can see.Of course.With all the love and pampering from her Opi,Omi and Tante Azura.It'll be hard when everyone is gone (for her and me!).

So tell me,what should Lena call you?Tok Mi?Tok Wan Mi?And Mimi?Aunty Mimi??

Take care..Salam from everyone here.

Emma,Den & Lena