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Emma & Denise's Wedding Reception in KL

Reception at Seri Melayu (Saturday 23 June 2007)

Everyone was excited and getting ready for the big day at Seri Melayu and WIsma Getah Asli. On Friday after work , I was at Kak Chik's house in Kg Tunku till midnite finalising on the details including the attendance to the reception. With last minutes changes, some of the itinerary had to be changed. Tunku Soraya (Sultan Kedah's daughter) initially informed she's coming alone. Now the husband, the Raja Kecil Sulong Perak is coming too. Thus all the proper address had to be sought out properly. Kak Chik insisted that I have to be the MC with Fifi. With voice croaking due to the sore throat and bad cough, and yet I still have to do it. Help me God.

So by 10.00 am on Saturday, everybody was already at Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay. I got to fetch my mom earlier and got her wheelchair together so that she too can witness her first grand daugther's wedding. Emma specifically mentioned to her Nenek that she wanted ther Nenek to attend her wedding.

Since I was early, I got to meet the Balle Balle group and the Dancers who are going to perform, and finalising what to they had to do.

Last minutes changes to the VIP tables were made. Instead of 4, now there will be 6 tables now as more Tan Sri and Datuks are coming. Got it done with Liza, the Seri Melayu liasion executives who made the arrangement for us. Also briefed the family members and people who was already assigned what to do. Everybody was well prepared for this occassion.

By 11.45 am guests starts to arrived. By 12.00 noon more guests coming and by 12.30 pm three quarter of the hall was filled up. Emma & Denise came right on time.

Once the kompang sound was heard, as the MC, Fifi & I, announced their arrival. The bride & groom were led by the flowers girls and boys (Ina - my youngest sister, painstakingly arranged these for kids). Emma and Denise looks splendid in matching beige songket outfit. It was just simple outfit but nice on them. Emma had once told me that she don't want waste money on wedding dresses. A simple songket will do.

Selawat was read by Hj Abu Bakar (Kak Chik's close friend) once the bride and groom stepped into the hall. He was backed up by Abg Dak and the boys. These boys were trained earlier. The guests of honour followed behind them including
Tunku Soraya (Sultan Kedah's daughter) and the Raja Kecil Sulong Perak . When the bride & groom were seated, the pencak silat was perfomed.

Once the silat completed, then that was time my MCing skill have to put into practise. Of course the first to be addressed was the royalties. With lots of practise I had done earlier and lots of Hacks and warm water, it was done perfectly. I was earlier scared if I addressed them wrong ly because of their long names. "Yang Amat Mulia Raja Dato Seri Iskandar Dzukarnain ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah, Raja Kecil Sulong Perak dan Yang Amat Mulia Dato Seri Tunku Soraya binti KDYMM Tuanku Sutan Haji Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah." Luckily I got it done without any hiccup. The rest was a cool as the breeze... Of course the scripts include Malay and English as some of the guests were from Irealand and Holland. I want them to understand our culture as well.

Thereon, the Merenjis ceremony begun. Of course it started with the Royalties and then the parents of the bride and groom. Emma also wanted her ex-boss Dave and best friend Lydia who came from Ireland to do the merenjis too.

After the merenjis, both the bride & groom were led to the Main table for "makan beradat". I have already arranged for the kompang and main table waiters to do the grand entrance for the food presentation. They did it as what I wanted.

Once they started having the sumptuous food, the cultural dance by Putriwara and muzik by Balle Balle started. 3 dances and few songs were performed. Abg Zali already informed me that by 2.00pm the royalties have to leave and he requested his thank you speech be done before they leave. So by 1.50 pm, I annouce for Abg Zali to give his speech. Initially, in the schedule Riza (Emma's brother) and Michel (Denise brother) were supposed to give their speeches first but we did some small changes at last minutes.

Once his thank you speech was done, I announce that the Royalties was leaving. Thereon we continue with the rest of the programme.

After the Royalties left, Riza & Michel delievered their speeches. Riza gave a good humorous speech althought he was panicky initially as he never spoke publicly. After their speeches, Emma & Denise was later invited onto the stage again for the "Pulut Kuning" cutting. Thereon, they were led to the main entrance to thanks all the quests.

But the program doesn't ends there. Once most of the guests had left, Kak Chik specifically request for Joget Lambak, especially her foreign guests. The cultural dancers were already informed earlier and they waited to entertain the foreign guests.

Later on, family photos were taken i.e. family by family. It wasn't an easy task calling family every members to gather especially when you have big extended family like us. But I managed it well when I grabbed the microphone and call them one by one.

Kak Cik's family together with her
new in-laws.

My family and I. We wore shades of
brown and orange as the theme colour.

Emma's friends (Lydia, Gary, Martina, Claire)
and Emma's ex-Boss (Dave & Cathy) all
from Ireland.

We left Seri Melayu by about 3.00 pm. I was already coughing badly again. But I already asked Mike & Fifi to be the MC for tomorrow.

Reception at Bangunan Getah Asli (Sunday 24 June 2007)

As the Seri Melayu receptions was mainly for the bride's parents business-related associates and friends, this reception at Getah Asli, was meant for the family members and relatives, near and far.

By 10.00 am, our family members were already there to get all the things ready. Since the guests will arrive staggeredly, more helps are needed.

Jeman (my brother) handles the preparation of the hall and the catering. A simple but beautiful "pelamin was done".

The flower girls were already putting on make-ups and dressed prettily in their gowns. The two boys; Adik & Nikki, wore cute small suits.

Guests started arriving by 12 noon. Relatives who I have not met so long also came. This is the time to have small chat with them and updating their family. Of course, most of them went to see my mom whom they have not met for ages. We only meet relatives during occassions like wedding and funerals. I used to take my mom to go to all these functions before but since a few years back when I mom was not in the her best of health, she decided not go anymore especially when she is on the wheel chair. So this is the best time for my relatives to meet my mom. My mom is their eldest living aunt.

Anyway, the bride and groom supposedly to arrive at 1 pm. But since they stayed in a hotel nearby, and got to check out by 12.00 noon, they arrived early. Thus we have to station them in a room while waiting for 1.00 pm.

Once more guests have arrived, the bride & groom made their grand entrance with the kompang and the selawat.

Doa was also read and subsequantly the merenjis was done. This time, the merenjis was done by family members. My eldest brother, Abang and his wife were called for the merenjis. Followed by Hj Abu Bakar and wife, the doa reciter for both occasion and also Kak Chik's good friend. Abg Dak and wife, Nek cu and Kak Lang also did the merenjis. Also our eldest surviving uncle from Klang.

Then the makan beradat took place. I have already consulted Kak Chik on who are supposed to be seated at the main table. Of course with few changes here and there at the last minute.

This reception is more of 'free and easy' without much formal protocol. Although I have itemised out the program in details, but it was not as difficult as the one in Seri Melayu. So once the bride & groom had done with their makan beradat, Abg Zali (bride's father) gave an informal thank you speech.

Later on the bride & groom were invited to cut a three-tier wedding cake

Thereon, both bride & groom just went round thanking the guests for coming to their reception. As I said, this is more informal and easy going reception.

By 3.00 pm we were already packing up to leave. Alhamdulillah all went well without major hiccups. I was glad to be trusted to be Chairman of this Organising Commitee for this wedding. The experience I got is priceless. Of course, congratulatory words from people who appreciated our effort in organising it, was meaningful for us. After all the works, many meetings and months of prepararion, this results in a well organised wedding. Thanks to the cooperation of all family members who deserved a standing ovation.

To Emma & Denise, May Allah Blessed Your Marriage. May Both of You Lead A Happy and Blissful Life Together In The Right Path of Allah. Specially to Daniel Denise Huisman, Be a Good Muslim Husband.

Shazwani Athira Syamsul Fizi

I specially took this little girl's photo as she is someone special to us. Little Wani as we call her (Shazwani Athira) is the first grand daughter on my family side and my mom's first great grandchild. She such a lovely girl and we didn't know that she can already stand on her own at age of 8 months old. We are anxious to see her taking her first step. This photo was taken at Emma's wedding.

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