Friday, June 8, 2007

Family Time with the Kids

During this 2 weeks schools holidays, time were not on our side. It was quite difficult to get everybody together as a family. It was either me who were busy with anything and everything or the kids were not around, even during school holidays.

The first weekend, Along went for a "Add. Maths" camp in Teluk Intan. I had sent him to Serendah first to his friend's place, Fadli, since his parent volunteered to send the kids to Teluk Intan. He only came back on Tuesday.

Mimi went for the Kem Ibadah. She went on Monday and came back on Wednesday. Acik, who is taking his UPSR this year, had to go for additional classes the whole of last week.
Last week end, all of us went to Kuantan on Friday and came back last Saturday. Then on Sunday, we had a meeting on Emma's upcoming wedding - to finalise the programme and also what needed to be done. It was quite a hectic week for me.

So last night, I decided to bring the kids somewhere to eat since I have not been doing it since quite awhile ago. I gave Mimi the honour to choose where she want to go since she just turned 10 recently. But then Along insisted that he wanted to have Western. Mimi wanted to have her favourite sizzling mee. I was craving for tomyam - the last time we had tomyam
somewhere near Greenwood Park sucked! Acik don't care what we eat and where we eat - as long as he doesn't have to go for his tuition tonite (nak ponteng lahtu!)

So we end up going to a food court in Jusco Kepong. That's the place that can serve us what we want to eat. It was not crowded at the food court there so it's easy for us to get the food early. Along ordered what he was craving for - a sirloin stake. Mimi & Acik requested the sizzling mee. Angah & Ky ordered "kuewteow goreng" and I had meehoon tomyam.

Once we got all the food, the eating session started. My meehoon tomyam was good - spicy and sour - not like the one in Greenwood Park! Along finished off his steak in no time, eating quietly appreciating his food. Acik don't want to share his sizzling mee with anyone because it looks so tempting - kedekut Acik! Mimi will finish her food like forever - so slow (she always eat so slow and I always warned her for that).

Angah too finishes his kuewteow goreng in no time. But Ky didn't finish her
kuewteow goreng. She didn't have much appetite and according to her it wasn't that tasty anyway. I passed her my Tomyam for her to taste but only ate a couple of scoops. I tasted the kuewteow but it was not bad. Meanwhile Angah finished off her mom's kuewteow after glutoning part of my tomyam.

After the eating session, we just went window shopping around the mall. The kids went into the KidsCity and we went into Popular bookstore. Next to the bookstore was a small stall selling roti bun - the aroma was in the air that attracted us to buy some. The stall "Daddy's Bun" sells roti bun like the one in "Roti Boy" which was good. Not only it smells good but it tasted good too. Initially we only bought one just to get the taste - but since it was good we bought another one. It was only RM1.60 a piece but it's all worth it compared to the Kyoto bread which sells at RM18.00 per loaf we saw earlier at Jusco supermarket. At RM18.00 per loaf that is the most expensive loaf of bread to me. I tasted it before and I guess the Roti Sedap sold locally taste much better than the so called Kyoto bread.

We got back slightly after 10.30 pm. I was a bit tired by then and had my prayer before hitting the sack. Acik wanted to see the "Jangan Pandang Belakang" VCD as he said it more scarier to watch it at night provided his brothers are with him to watch. Goodnight kiddos.

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