Monday, June 4, 2007

Izan's Wedding in Kuantan

From this weekend until the next 3 weekends will be a hectic weekends for me. It's wedding time again. The first 2 weekends is Izan & Dini's wedding both in Kuantan and later in P.J. After that will be Emma & Dennis's wedding in K.Terengganu and later in K.L.

So last Friday I took a day off as the Izan's Nikah is on Friday night. We left KL about 10.30 am and reached Kuantan about 2.00 pm. Made a couple of stop at the R&R along the way. We were housed in 5 double storey houses belongs to IKIP Pahang. That's the cheapest place to house almost 50 people altogether.

After checking in, we had late lunch. Afterward we prepared the "hantaran" for the Nikah. The Nikah ceremony was held after Magrhib and we arrived about 8.30 pm. The Tok Kadi had already waited to us and was in kind of hurry to get his job done. Later we found out that he has to go for another akad nikah ceremony.

It started off in a simple exchange of hantaran and then the Kadi did the Akad Nikah. Izan seemed relax and shook his hand accepting the akad in one go. In less than 20 minutes, after signing the forms and reads the takliq nikah, the Kadi had to leave. Wow what a simple and fast ceremony. I wish I had the same when I was solemnised 18 years ago. I was nervous and was sweating then and I had to do it 3 times. Buat malu aje. Anyway, I got thru it finally.

After the Nikad, we were served with nasi & macam-macam lauk which was really good. Sambal petai udang, masak lemak nenas & ikan, kobis goreng, ikan masin and a few more I can't remember. Dini's mother sure knows how to served her guests.

& After that they had a small bersanding ceremony and the 'merenjis' ceremony too place. IzanDini look simple but elegant in their attire. Both parents did the merenjis. So did the uncles and aunties. We left Dini's house about 10.30pm.

Saturday 2 June 2006

We had our breakfast at one of the stall in Taman Kubang Buaya. The nasilemak was good. After breakfast, we cruise to Teluk Chempedak as my kids never been there before. Then we just drove in Kuantan town before heading back to the rest house.

By 12.00 noon my kids & I was ready for the reception. But getting everybody ready was a challenge. Anyway we shoot off from the rest house about 12.45 pm and reached slightly after 1.00 pm.

The arrival for the groom was without much hype. No kompang and bunga manggar as we had expected. Well that is what we usually had in order to let everybody knows that the Pengantin is coming right? Anyway we were welcome by someone from the bride's side to the house and straight to the dais for the bride and groom. The bride and groom were seated at the dais for awhile for photo taking but no 'merenjis' was done. A very simple ceremony.

The food served for us was unbelievable. There were 9 dishes, yes you read me right, 9 delicious dished. I remember it well because it was tastefully good. Sweet sour Ikan bawal, kari kambing, udang goreng, ayam goreng, ikan goreng berlada, paceri nenas, daging dedeng, ikan masin goreng and acar rampai. It was so good that we had second helping of certain dishes. Buat malu je. But well, we are the guests of honour right? And it's not proper for us not to eat when the host served us hehehee..We are actually returning the honour to the host who served us well....

For desert, there were tapai pulut and arrays of cakes and kuih melayu. 3 types of layered cakes, two type of brown/chocolate cakes. We were too full then to eat the desert. But what was more interesting was the ice cream with fruits and chocolate topping. Unfortunately, it was only served to the main table. And fortunately my in-laws who were seated at the main table were nice enough to pass us the ice cream and we had a bite too hehehee..

We took some family photos with the pengantin before we left about 2.30 pm. Then we hit the Kuantan - KL highway to head for home. Now we have to prepare for the reception in KGPA on 9 June 2007. I'll update you later.

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