Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I know Father's Day falls on 17 June 2007. But that Sunday, we were in Marang and on the way back to KL after Emma & Denise's Nikah. I wasn't really into Father's Day. Yeah, I know I'm a father but I'm not the kind of guy that really celebrates Father's Day. I mean.. you what I mean...

Anyway, when I arrived home from Marang at about 6.30pm on Sunday, my beloved wife, Ky and Angah wished me Happy Father's Day. Of course Mimi, gave me a Happy Father's Day card. Mimi will always be the one who will went to search for a card and get all her brothers to sign it.

I do get Father's Day and Birthday card's from my kids but this one was quite interesting.
It say's "WHAT IS DAD?" and on the inner page it say's "A SECOND CHANCE AFTER MOM HAS SAID "NO".... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY.

Hehee.. But it is true. My kids knew my weaknesses. That's when they prey on me whenever their mom said "NO" to them. As for me, not knowing what had happen, just went along with the kids and they got what they want. The truth came out when their mom saw what they got. "Kan Mak cakap tak boleh" Ky's remarks. " Ayah kata boleh" Mimi or Acik's answered her mom. And I was puzzled and felt victimised. I didn't know what transactions and dealing the kids had with their Mom. As a perfect innocent victim, I would answer, "Entah lah Yang, budak-budak tu hendak, I belikan lah." And that happen not only once, I can tell you that.

Well, being a father of four, 3 boys and a girl, I want to give them the best, especially things that I was deprieved when I was a kid. There were no McDonald nor KFC. Neither was stall selling burgers nor nasi lemak kukus at night. Big shopping Malls and Hypermarkets was unheard of that time. It was only Ampang, Campbell and Pertama Shopping complex. Bata and Fung Keong shoes, were the branded name then. Now they have numerous brands that sometimes I could figure out which one is the best.

So am I wrong to give them what I didn't get when I was their age???? Hmm.. only their mother knows the answer.

Well HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL FATHERS (although it's belated). But then again, we fathers are not a fussy as the mothers, right!!!!

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