Monday, June 4, 2007

Update on Mimi's Holiday Camp

It was a hectic weekdays and weekends for me lately. Lots of things happening last week. I was quite tight up and tired to update this blog.

Anyway, wasn't blogging meant to relief us from the day to day's tension and put our mind off everything we do for awhile.

Ok let me update you with my little daughter's experience in her holiday camp.

Wednesday 2 June 2007 - All parents should fetch up their kids from the camp from the 'hujung dunia place' in Sungai Merab, Bangi. I was looking towards it until I found out later that I have to lead a meeting in the office the same time. Poor wife of mine had to go with Angah (bribing him with something because he too don't want to go to the god-forsaken place.)

Anyway when I came back that night, my poor little Mimi was sleeping cos she's having a fever. She couldn't tell me a thing until the next day. Once she was a bit ok the next day, she started telling me everything as usual.

She love being in the camp as everybody treated her as adik as she is the youngest in her team. The team comprises of kids up to 18 years college going kids. She also could resist telling us what she has learnt and gained from the 2 and half day camping. The one that I remembered was as follows:
1. A story of a man whose son's died at age of 18 and was buried. But the father insist to exhume the body after a couple of days later thinking that his son was still alive. When they exhumed the body, the son's face and body was in a position of enduring excruciating pain. Later the father told that the son not only never prayed but also doing bad deeds.
2. Pictures of man being whipped because of raping women. I'm not sure how severe it was but Mimi describe it as bad.

Most important thing is the lesson learnt from this tragedy. DO GOOD DEEDS!

Mimi did told us she love the company and the programme held there. But I guess since the program starts as early as 5.45 am till late 11.00 pm, it would take a toil on small girl like her.

Above all I'm glad that she attended that camp as it gave her a new perspective of life from a little girls eyes.

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