Thursday, June 14, 2007

Busy preparing for the Terengganu trip

I have been busy preparing for the Terengganu trip. Emma (my niece) wanted to have her Akad Nikah ceremony at Masjid Terapung in Kuala Ibai, Kuala Terengganu. She had chosen a Dutch as her husband and wished to be solemnised there. The first question everybody asked was "Mengapa kat Terengganu? Kan kat sini banyak Masjid yang cantik-cantik." (Why in Terengganu? Isn't there many beautiful Mosques here.) My mom who is now 81, have been asking me for umpteen times "Mengapa nak Nikah kat sana?" And I always have a standard answer, "Entah lah mak, dia sukakan tempat tu". Yeah she has been asking me for at least 20 times since she heard about it.

But you got to know who is this niece of mine. She is an independent girl. Studied and work in Ireland since at least the last 7 years. Came back once every 2 years. Loves backpacking. She has been travelling to places I don't even know how to pronounce. Only came back last year to continue her Professional Accounting degree here.

I believe that he met Dennis, a Dutch, who also loves back packing, in Bangkok. I guess the cupids have struck their hearts and now planned to get married this weekend. Dennis converted to Islam a few months back. Alhamdullilah.

Emma told me that they saw Masjid Terapung Kuala Ibai (The Floating Mosque) while they were there for scuba diving in one of the islands. And they got mesmerised by it. Who knows maybe ALLAH opens Dennis's heart (now called Danniel after converted) to embrace Islam. So Emma & Danniel will be solemnised this Saturday. She and her father had made arrangements for the Akad Nikah there.

So as the Chairman cum Organiser, I have arranged with my sisters and brothers to make our trip there more eventful. So it's not only the Nikah but we also organise some beach games, shopping, jalan-jalan cari makan, and some even suggested "candat sotong" i.e. squid jigging.

Thus we have organised of our stay in 2 chalets i.e. Impiana Rumuda and Marang Guest House (since they cannot accommodate the 50 of us in one place). Macam rombongan Che Kiah jer!!! And I have been preparing the details of the games, prizes, the maps for those who have not been to that part of the world, accommodation arrangements, etc., etc.

I called Emma this morning. She is now in Taman Negara and about to leave for Kuantan and later heading to Marang. Her in-laws-to-be were here since last Friday and she has been taking her around. The rest of her family is driving to Marang today too.

So tomorrow we will gather at my mom's place and shall leave by 9.00 am. Hope to update you guys when I come back. Syok nyer cuti......

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