Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad cough and croaking voice

Since Monday, when I got back into the office, I was coughing furiously. I tried some Hacks but it didn't help much. When I got back, I swallowed some left over of cough mixtures I saw in the fridge at home. It didn't help either.

On Tuesday, I was still coughing in the office. I thought of leaving early but due to some preparation for slides presentation for my Boss, I had to complete it until lunch time. I emailed him a copy plus a print out on his desk. As I leave for the clinic, I sms him that I won't be attending the meeting and now heading to the clinic.

Went to see a Doctor at my family clinic. Saw a new Doctor (Locum) there and got 2 days MC as my cough is getting worst. Rested the whole evening at home after taking some medicines.

On Wednesday, I have already arrange for a meeting with Liza (Mktg Exec) at Seri Melayu. Sms my Kak Chik and Abg Zali about the meeting so that they remember to join the meeting. Well as the organising chairman cum event manager (self elected I say), I have to arrange everything so that everything will work out smoothly.

I arrived Seri Melayu about 11.45 am and the rest came slightly later. So we finalised the whole thing with Liza and Kak Chik paid out the balance of the bills. Had free lunch there too. By 2.30pm we settled everything and we left. I dropped by at Mak's place on the way back.

My voice is still croaking and who can replace me for the MC on Saturday???? God please help me retain my voice.

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