Friday, May 24, 2013

Conquering Bukit Broga - Small Hill But Big Achievement

It's has been one of my small dreams to climb up on top of Bukit Broga in Semenyih. The idea of reaching the top has been plying in my head for sometimes now. So when Petulia mooted the idea of climbing that hill in our what'sapp chat group, I was really attracted to it.

On Thursday, she was what'sapping in the chat group confirming how many people were going and where to meet. I was really excited and joined the chat informing that I'm might be joining them there. They were really excited on hearing my intention to join their trip.

Since Friday is a Public Holiday (Wesak Day), I thought hey why not I join them. More so when Along and Mimi wanted to join me as well. But the challenge is waking up before 4am and leave the house by 4.30am so that we can meet by 5.30am somewhere in Semenyih town.

Well as they said : Pictures show thousand words. Now we managed to snapped some pictures to depict our success of conquering Bukit Broga.
Me with Mimi & Aizudding - reached the top of Bukit Broga by 7 am.
Yes we made it! We are on Top of Bukit Broga

Yeah we made it too with Peter & Petulia

The Spartans on top of Broga with Zahran & Lotfi

Zahran, Lotfi & Zaem.

Yeah we are flying too on top of Broga Hill

I'm the strongest man! Kenneth Ong (KO) doing his act.

My little girl Mimi did it as well.

Aizuddin & Mimi climbing the hill. It was quite challenging at one point of time because it was too steep.

The strong men doing their pose.

While the ladies did their "Next Top of Model" pose.

Mw with Petulia & Peter. Great couple. Am blessed to know them in my life.

Me with another great couple. Zahran & Lotfi - they are avid runners.

Kenneth Ong aka KO. Funny guy always trying to make people laugh. Keep it up KO!

The Team X'treme that conquered Bukit Broga.

We took some breather before going down.

Mimi & Petulia scaling down the steep hill.

Having coconut drink and bottled water upon reaching down hill.

The achievers who conquered Bukit Broga.

The " Look every where pose". Ha very funny lah you all.

Yeah we are Team X'treme! We've made it!

After a long way up and down the hill... now it's time for makan. See the hungry faces.

See their orders. Few grams of fat lost but kilos of other fats added.

By the way, Peter ordered Nasi Lemak, Nasi Beriyani & 2 half-boiled eggs.

All empty plates that are left! What an appetite!
 Overall, I would consider that it was a successful and enjoyable trip to Bukit Broga. Well you may want to consider well prepared to avoid over exhaustion. Bring some bottle waters and maybe eat something first before going up there. It's best not to go during raining seasons because the track would be real slippery and maybe dangerous to some people. Do wear the right clothing and shoes as well.

Thank you to my Team X'treme particulary Peter & Petulia, Zahran & Lotfi, Kenneth Ong (KO) and my kids who decided to come along with me.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Words of Wisdom

I went to a workshop a couple of years ago and during that workshop the trainer trained us to try looking at positive thing and say positive things about our team members.

There were about 40 of us in the workshop and we were divided into groups of 7-8 people. Some of them we had known earlier and most of them we just meet for the 1st time.

Anyway there were one session whereby we wrote something positive for someone we had known during the workshop. We were given cards and everyone can write something positive about someone and pass the card to him/her.

And guess what I got 6 of those cards from 6 different person. I was surprise to get them especially from someone I hardly know before. Hmmm nice things to get.

Alhamdulillah for what you've got

As Salam to All

I was once told by my ex-Boss, "kalau rezeki tu is for you, it will be for you. Just wait for it to come. Kalau bukan rezeki you, bukan lah". It embedded in my mind till now.  Now why do I say this. Recently there was an organizational restructuring in our Division and I was assigned to be the Head the Supply Management and Logistics Department. Never have I thought that I would be assigned to be one. But if it's for you, it's for you. I had been in the same Dept for almost 12 years but I never had the intention to be heading a bigger role.

It was announced one Friday evening by our New GM in the Division. He also mentioned that he had shown the new Org Chart to the DCEO and he agreed to it - giving me 6 months to prove it before the "real" promotion is given. Currently is just "acting" position.

I was caught off guard of this new development. Part of me was stunned but part of me was a bit delighted. It's a mixed feeling. More responsible to be burdened on me I guess.

Those who were close to me, they were very happy as well.. congratulating me. But there was one guy, who felt differently. I later heard he said to someone that "I was not qualified" to be the head. Of course when I heard it, I felt very annoyed. But then again when I remember the phrase "kalau rezeki tu is for you, it will be for you". When you work hard sincerely, one day you will be rewarded.

And looking at him, I later said to myself: if he is qualified, if he has a good attitude and if he is good enough, wouldn't he have been promoted long time ago. Tapi kalau dah hasad dengki tu ada, he will sees thing negatively.  

And later I was told that he wanted to move into sales because he mentioned that he can't get along with me. I wonder? Is it he can't get along with me or everyone can't get along with him? Orang kata kerja berkira sangat. I heard almost everyone had the same complaint on him. So why should I feel hurt if he complaint on me? If he is a sincere person, he would have told me directly and I would accept it. But hearing him complaining about me from someone else, that's made me having bad impression on him.

Those who are with me, not only they congratulate me, they were even happy for me. And that makes me feel that I should move forward without thinking of any criticism.

But because of that criticism, it makes me think. All this while when I heard people from my batch or even younger, were promoted to managers or senior managers, I always say alhamdullilah they have been promoted. They must have done something good and that's why they were promoted. I refrain myself from saying negative things. Because it's their rezeki. It's their time.

Every time the salary was credited into my account, I say alhamdulillah. I have money for me family. Every time we have food on the table, I say alhamdulillah. I have some food to fill up the  my family's stomach. Every time I had something good or bad, I say alhamdulillah. I practice that all the time. So maybe ALLAH blessed me this time for saying that all the time. 

To that guy.. too bad I am your boss now and I would not change because of you. To my positive friends, hey let's work happily together. I'm sure you have a good boss now hahahaahaa. Don't you agree. Just work hard sincerely and one day you will be rewarded.

And now I have to prove to make it!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 years has gone without her

As Salam to all.

I have not been updating this blog for ages. Until recently, 5 January 2013, it marked the 5th years of Ky's passing. How fast times flies by. It has been 5 years she has left us forever. The kids had been without their Mak for 5 years and I've been a single father for 5 years as well.

Pic taken at Garden Party in Shangri La Putrajaya

It has been a long journey alone taking care of the 4 growing up children. Mimi (10), Adib (12), Aizat (15) and Aizuddin (17) was at a stage wanting the loves of both Mak and Ayah. But ALLAH knows what is best for them. I believe there must be some hikmah for everything the Almighty bestowed anything upon us. They are now 15, 17, 20 and 22, respectively. All grown up handsome and pretty.

 Pic taken last Raya 2012

Being a single father is not an easy task. But I have promise arwah Ky that I will take care of them no matter what. So 5 years passed without any major disaster taking care of them. Of course there were times I wish I have someone to share the burden of bringing up the kids but then I always believe that ALLAH will help me no matter what. Everyday I prayed that ALLAH will help me in giving me strength to carry the responsibility to raise the. Alhamdulillah I have done my part till today.

To all husband and wife out there, my advise is very simple. Whilst your partner is still around, appreciate their presence - good or bad. It's our choice to make our marriage works. It's out choice to be happy or to feel bad. It's our choice to makes our life easier or makes it miserable. It's all about our choices. Because one of us us gone, we have no way to turn back into the time zone. It's not like back to the future film. No way. So make the best we can. Of course we have our ups and downs. But why not we have more ups than downs, right?

As for me, now I will only cherish all the memories Ky & I had together. I love to go down the memory lanes on how we met while we were students in Western Michigan University, the day we were pronounced husband and wife, the days Ky delivered our children (I was there in the labour room for every delivery), the days we had our Alaskan cruise trip, the days we brought Aizuddin & Aizat to Las Vegas and LA, and many many more.

And it's also good to snap pictures whenever you have been together. Cause that will keep the memories being together. As the saying goes, put the memories in pictures. And now with the digital gadgets, it easier to keep them in your computers.

Taken sometimes in 1998

I was very blessed to have family and friends that supported me all the way. No words can describe my appreciation to them for giving me advice and support in their own ways that had helped me to move on. They have been besides me all the way till now.

Although they were times the million dollars question were asked (guess what Question?), I just brushed them off with my million dollar reasons heheeheee... There's no way anyone can replace arwah in my life. She is very special person that had etched herself in me. No matter what. I know one day I will be remarried and I hope that lucky lady would understand the whole situation.  So who's the lucky lady? Tungguuuuuuuuu...!!!

There's only one thing I can say about Arwah... "You have been a great wife to me, a great Mak to our 4 kids, a great sister & sister in law, the best daughter in law and a person who had been significant to everyone who had known you!" May ALLAH bless your soul sayang.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Salam Idul Adha

We took the advantage of this Hari Raya Aidil Adha to take some pictures at one of the Lakes nearby. Its the Metropolitan Lake, along the MRR2 near Kepong. I thought it would be a good idea to snap some pics since this man-made lake is surrounded with greens.

The weather was on our side. It's about 3 pm then and it was not too hot not too cloudy. Only the four of us went there as Angah didn't follow us to Nenek's house.

At the water fountain. There are supposed to have a
couple of dolphins statue there.

Mimi gave her best pose! The next Malaysian Top Model!

Acik - trying to be a male model.

My two cheeky and playful Mimi & Acik.

By the way, Bibik took a couple of days leave with her best friend, Bibik Tupah. They went to Kg Pandan. So this weekend, it Ayah cooking for the kids heheheeee..

Bibik & Bibik Tupah.

With Nazmi and Nique at Nenek's house.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hilarious quotes

I was reading the FB of a friend and I saw this hilarious quotes. So to those who always ask me when am I getting married again, wait till I meet them at any funerals. This is a good one.

And for those who have ex's don't worry if you see them with other people. Think of this one below. Heheheheeee..

And the best one is this.... I'm glad I got this one!!!

Jangan jeles.......

Monday, October 10, 2011

Aizuddin's Graduation Day on 9.10.11

It's a day a father would be proud of and a day to be cherished. A day when his son graduated after years of hard work and lots of patience. Yesterday, a date which happened to be 9.10.11 was a day when Aizuddin graduated and he received his Diploma in Engineering Technology in Aeroplane Maintenance from UniKL.

The convocation took place in Putrajaya International Convention Center - a modern convention center that is huge.

I ensure that everyone wakes up early so that we can get there on time. Although the session only starts at 2pm, we left by slightly after 11. Aizuddin wanted to take some photographs first before the session.

On arrival, they were many people already there. Some have just arrived while the rest had just finished the morning session. However we managed to snapped some photos - something that is worth to be remembered for rest of my life.

Dressing him up so that the regalia nicely dressed on him.

The stage view from the top.

Along lining up to the stage to receive his Diploma.

Aizuddin received his Diploma from 2nd Chancellor of
UniKL - Dato Seri Idris Jusoh. Thanks for the borrowed
zoom lens.
Mimi took this shot about 20 meters away
from stage.

A moment to be remembered.

Pic taken outside PICC overlooking Putrajaya - really
nice view from the top.

A nice shot from PICC.

Aizuddin, Mimi and Me.

Just to show that we went to the right occasion,
need to take a pic with the convocation banner!

Aizuddin with Bibik - who has been with us for almost 21 years.
Thank you Bibik.

At the Garden - within PICC.

The Brothers - Acik, Along & Angah.

Aizuddin lining up to take take his individual graduation

With his graduating friends.

The graduating teddy bear as a present to