Monday, October 10, 2011

Aizuddin's Graduation Day on 9.10.11

It's a day a father would be proud of and a day to be cherished. A day when his son graduated after years of hard work and lots of patience. Yesterday, a date which happened to be 9.10.11 was a day when Aizuddin graduated and he received his Diploma in Engineering Technology in Aeroplane Maintenance from UniKL.

The convocation took place in Putrajaya International Convention Center - a modern convention center that is huge.

I ensure that everyone wakes up early so that we can get there on time. Although the session only starts at 2pm, we left by slightly after 11. Aizuddin wanted to take some photographs first before the session.

On arrival, they were many people already there. Some have just arrived while the rest had just finished the morning session. However we managed to snapped some photos - something that is worth to be remembered for rest of my life.

Dressing him up so that the regalia nicely dressed on him.

The stage view from the top.

Along lining up to the stage to receive his Diploma.

Aizuddin received his Diploma from 2nd Chancellor of
UniKL - Dato Seri Idris Jusoh. Thanks for the borrowed
zoom lens.
Mimi took this shot about 20 meters away
from stage.

A moment to be remembered.

Pic taken outside PICC overlooking Putrajaya - really
nice view from the top.

A nice shot from PICC.

Aizuddin, Mimi and Me.

Just to show that we went to the right occasion,
need to take a pic with the convocation banner!

Aizuddin with Bibik - who has been with us for almost 21 years.
Thank you Bibik.

At the Garden - within PICC.

The Brothers - Acik, Along & Angah.

Aizuddin lining up to take take his individual graduation

With his graduating friends.

The graduating teddy bear as a present to


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Lena's Ibu said...

Yey!!! Congrats Aizu (and of course Uncle Mie too)! Well done! Kitaorg kat sini wish you the best of luck for a wonderful future ahead. Salam form Holland.