Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Azhar in Kemaman: Day 2

Woke up early since we plan to move to the Mosque by 9.30am cos the solemnization suppose to start at Had simple breakfast : sandwiches, roti canai, Nasi Dagang left over, etc.

Got all the Hantaran ready - most of them were actually prepared by the Groom's side. This arrangement were made earlier because of the distance - we can't be carrying the Hantaran all the way from KL.

Some of the Hantaran prepared earlier.

Hantaran : Fruits.

Hantaran : Sirih Junjung.

Hantaran : Handbag & shoes.

Hantaran :Chocolates.

We arrived at the designated location in time as being arranged by both parties. The groom's side invited us into the Mosque. Everything went pretty well. Even the Juru Nikah made it as simple as possible. I guess it should be that way because the intention is good - as the saying goes it's like to build a mosque!

The Groom was quite pretty as that was the 1st time I saw her. I guess that what makes my nephew's heart melts instantly when he saw he.

The entourage reached the Mosque on time.

The entourage preparing before going into the Mosque.

The arrival of the Juru Nikah.

The Akad Nikah - ( Solemnization )begins.

The groom waiting patiently for the moment
to be announced as husband and wife!

The groom receiving the Mas Kawin.

Exchange of ring.

The simple ceremony went smoothly in a jiffy. By about 11.00 am, everything was completed. We were then invited to the groom's house which was few minutes away from the mosque. I saw that the kampung's environment was still there. Everyone was helping out for the Kenduri. I guess they were the relatives of the groom.

After the Solemnization ceremony, we proceed to the
groom's house nearby.

The brides with the entourage heading for the groom's house.

Presentation of the Silat Pengantin- pretty good.
I haven't seen such traditional performance for quite sometimes.

The Makan beradat.

Pose at the Dais - Pelamin.

By 12.30 pm, the ceremony were complete. We then make our way home back to KL.

To my nephew and niece-in-law, I Congratulate you for finding each other. May ALLAH blessed your marriage until the end of the world. Insya'allah.

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