Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wedding Azhar in Kemaman : Day 1

Azhar, a nephew from Labuan, just got married yesterday in Kemaman. Wasn't sure why he is from Labuan, Sabah found his love who is from Kemaman, Terengganu. A long distance love affair I supposed. But alhamdulillah everything went thru' well.

It started by my brother, Pak Uda from Labuan who invited us thru' Facebook. Once everything is set, the journey continue.

We started about 8.30am (a difficult time for the kids to wake up early during holidays) and planned to meet at the first stop in R&R Temerloh. After getting the route to proceed to the next stop i.e. Jabor Toll (Kuantan) and then to the third stop at the Chenor - border between Pahang and Terengganu. The aim is to reach the home stay before Friday prayers.

First stop at R&R Temerloh, whereby we were shown
route to the home stay.

Second stop at Jabor (Kuantan) Toll.

Fortunately we arrived at the home stay by 12.45pm. Still have time to rush to the nearby mosque for Friday prayers.

Had lunch after prayers and then we plan to go to the beach, which is about 15mins away for the place we stayed in. Actually the home stay is in middle of one of the kampung - nothing much to do there.

The home stay in Sri Tempurung, Kemaman.

Everyone wore green Tees with customized print for the family. We proceed to Pantai Mak Nik - somewhere in Chukai town - about 15 minutes away.

Getting ready to go to the beach.

Pak Dak & Mak Dak - looking good in greens and wearing

The beach was ok except that swimming is prohibited due to strong under current. Hence we took the chance to play some games and relax at the beach.

Family posed with the customized banner at Pantai Mak Nik,
Chukai, Terengganu.

My siblings : Hj Amin, Hj Ariffin, Zalina, Hj Adnan, Zalma and Me.

We started we the kids game. Filling up the cup with sea water using the sponge. More interesting games to come after that. The other game is balancing the water bottle on a canvas without touching the bottle. The other game is called "magic carpet" i.e. everyone have to move forward on the canvas and newspaper without stepping on the sand. It was fun to see everyone participating while trying hard to win the games.

The kids getting ready for the game.

2nd game : Team Pak Uda _ balancing the water bottle
on the canvas.

Team Pak Long trying to balance and stabilizing the
water bottle.

You got to step on the canvas and newspaper
and move forward to reach the end.

See how they can move forward if everyone play their role.

At night, we planned to have a small BBQ and the groom also prepared Nasi Dagang - a specialty from Terengganu. They are sending the food over to the home stay. Hence some of us have to be at the place to receive the food.

Still hot from the grill satar and still hot keropok lekor
just after 3 games. It tasted better than the one sold in KL.

Since the kids couldn't swim in the sea, they enjoy playing
at the beach anyway.

Its' a bird... it's a man.. no it's a superman.. Acah jer!

We really had fun photographing on the beach.

After Marghrib we had a small doa selamat before a simple dinner. Dinner include the Nasi Dagang prepared by the groom, left over of lunch and BBQed hotdogs. Since it is also the 39th Wedding Anniversary for Pak Uda & Mak Uda, we had a small surprise for him as well.

Doa selamat - before the feast.

The spread of food.

39th Anniversary Celebration - for Pak Uda & Mak Uda.

Prize giving for all - who won.

And also who lost....

We called off for the night. After all, we need to leave for the mosque by 9.30 am since the solemnization starts about 10.00 am the next day.

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