Saturday, September 3, 2011

Salam Aidilfitri 2011

It's Hari Raya again. After a full month of fasting in Ramadan and a full month of Terawih this year, it's time for celebration. This year I decided that we wear the light gold coloured outfit. We only wore it once during Redha's wedding. So whilst the kids still can wear them, why not we wear it again during this Raya. Bought another 2 samping to match this light gold baju melayu - which I bought at a bargain in Jalan TAR earlier.

After the sunat Solat Aidilfitri, we had light breakfast prepared by Bibik. But most important is the "berma'af-ma'afan" or seeking for forgiveness amongst us. My kids took turn starting from Aizuddin @ Along the eldest to Mimi the youngest. Have to input this tradition so that they can pass it down to their generation later.

This year I have decided that lots of photograph to be taken - put all the memories in pictures.

All in the Family... with the kids growing up fast now.

Along receiving duit raya.

Followed by Angah.

Acik... and ..


The Family with Bibik.

The first house to go is definitely my Mak's house in Jalan Gombak. This is where all my siblings will congregate after the Solat Aidilfitri. It's a yearly affair for us whilst Mak is still around.

With my beloved Mak.

Asking for forgiveness is the best thing to do during Hari Raya.

My one and only Mak in this world. Alhamdulillah she is still
healthy despite some minor health problem.

The Gombak's Family - although 3 families is still not here yet.

Visiting rumah Nek Cu & Nek Yah's house just next to Mak's house is also the yearly affairs. They are the only Mak's surviving siblings.

Visiting rumah Nek Cu & Nek Yah.

With Nek Yah.

With Nek Cu.

It was already 12.00 noon at Gombak and it's time to go to Kelana Jaya, where my other side of the in-laws congregate i.e. at Abg Ad's house. They are my Johore's family (my late wife's siblings). We are still close to each other as ever although my wife have passed away more than 3 1/2 years ago. We still keep in touch often and I considered them as part of my life too. After all the Johore's family blood still runs in my children.

I thought we were late despite arriving about 12.30pm. Huh! actually we are the first to arrived. Then later on Uncle Joe's family and Abg Leman's came. There on Ijah's and Long's family arrived.

We took the opportunity to snap as many pictures possible. As I said, put the memories in pictures whilst some of us are still around. We never know if we could meet each other again next Hari Raya.

My Family with Anjang (Minah) and Uncle Joe.

Bi, Abg Leman and Me. Bi just had a by-pass operations
about 2 weeks earlier.

My family posing at the Dynasty style stairway

The cousins - all growing up and some already married
with kids already.

The latest addition to the family. Mohd Edriss (Joey's son) born in Qatar.

Rayyan - kecik2 dah pakai spec.

The Johore's Family - we used to take pictures like this
years back. However, some of us have left us forever.

About 3pm, we decided to leave and get back to Mak's house in Gombak. By then Abg Dak's, Kak Chik's and Ina's family were already there.


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