Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raya Breakfast

I decided to invite my in-laws & out-laws to my house on Sunday for Raya breakfast. It's because my eldest brother-in-law (Long) invited everyone to his open house for lunch later. Hence throwing at 2 birds with one stone would be a good ides and everyone will be delighted to come over without having 2 trips.

So I decided to prepare some light menu before a hefty lunch later at Long's house. The menu includes nasi himpit, mee goreng and roti arab with tea. But these people really enjoyed the roti arab & sambal sardine the most, although I thought it would be the last menu people would eat during Hari Raya. Alhamdulillah most of the dishes were well eaten.

Preparing the table.

My first visitors of the day. Abg Leman & Bi.

2nd visitors : Cik Hindun, Ijah & Ami

Uncle Joe's family.

Mimi holding Edriss whilst his parents are enjoying the food.

Redha & his father enjoying the food.

Zaime & Farah also enjoying the roti arab & sambal sardin.

Arif & Lynn... having many helpings of the roti arab & sardine.

Along & Achik.

The sisters-in-laws (Minah, Bi, Ijah & Hindun).

The 4 "out-laws" + one "in-law". Me, Uncle Joe, Dato' Shukor, Amir & Abg Leman.

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