Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kasut oh Kasut Part 2

Acik has been bothering me for weeks now to get his new pair of sport shoes. It was during our venture to find his new pair of sport shoes that tumble the pair Alain Delon shoes which I bought for myself. Yes he has been pestering me almost everyday to go to a shoe store named J.J. Chain at Wangsa Maju. We did go to the store before the Chinese New Year but it was closed. Acik was very disappointed. Especially when I got mine but he didn't get his. What a pity.

So today, not sure whether out of pity or out of love I took him and Angah to the shop. Angah pulak sibuk kata yang kasut sport shoes dia pun dah tak elok. So I bundle the 2 of them into the cars and went to the shoe store. Luckily it is open. Acik hurriedly went into the shop grinning. His mission is half achieved.

There was sale of 10% ~50% of certain shoes. Acik has been aiming a pair of Adidas shoes that was used by one of his football star "Massie". I'm not a great fan of football and Massie doesn't ring me a bell at all. But Acik has been pestering me for weeks to get him a pair of what Massie is wearing. He even surfed the net and even showed me the pictures (see below).

Someone used to tell me "You should visualised things you want to have or things you want to become ". And I guess he has been doing that. And today he got what he has been visualising all this while. Tapi kopak jugak lah poket bapak dia.

The picture Acik download from the net.
Model Adidas F5.8 In.

And the shoes he got today. That's visualisation.

It's the original Adidas shoes that cost me RM134.90 after
less 10%.

Massie oh Massie. Pasal kau kopak aku seratus lebih.

By the way, Angah yang menyibuk ikut tadi pun sibuk nak one pair of shoes himself. A pair for him to play futsal or basketball. The one that he has already worn out. So rather that hearing another pestering by him for many other weeks, I just bought him a pair. He chosen Nike brand.

Nike Court Shuttle II.

Also cost me another RM143.90 after les 10%.

Now both of them grinning coming out from the sport shoe store thanking me for buying them the shoes. Acik dream of having the Adidas shoes that his favorite Massie comes true.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Amr Diab

At times I do listen to music. Somehow Amr Diab songs kept coming into my mind recently. So I googled in and got some of his songs. Truly I can say that Amr Diab is one of my favorite Arab singer. Before this I can never appreciate modern Arabic songs until I listen to him. I guess he is one of the top singer in the Arab world.

Listen to his songs flies my mind else where. I'm into other world. Forget all the things that sometimes bothering my mind.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

We have not been going for dinner for quite sometimes now. The last trip out was at "Kopitiam Kawan" in Bangi. And since this is a long weekend, I took the opportunity to bring the kids out for dinner.

Not only that, I had some money for the kids since they got paid for some things they had done something for me earlier. So I told them we could go out for dinner somewhere to spend the money.

There were a couple of choices the kids can go. 1. Go to eat Satay Kajang Hj Samuri or 2. Go to "Cheng Ho' that serves a Chinese Muslim food. Well because it happened to be the eve of Chinese New Year, I said why not try Chinese Food.

Anyway it was drizzling after Maghrib when we wanted to go out. So I thought instead why not we go to eat satay at Hj Samuri in Melati Utama, which is nearby to our place. However when we arrived, the place was packed with people. Luckily Melati Utama offers lots of eating place. There is Old Town White Coffee , Kelfood (Kelantanese cusine), Thai House, The Templer (Chinese Muslim Food), and a few other.

The kids suggested that we go to Memory Corner - a kopitiam-type of restaurant. Well why not? After all it's their money they are going to spend.

The kids waiting for their order.

Coke with Choc Ice Cream, Mango juice, Chocolate Blended,
Sour Soup & Guava and Blended Sour Sop.

Mine: Tauhu Pok Bakar -- sedap jugak

Mimi's: Chicken Sizzling Yee Mee.

Acik's : Penang Kuey Teow Soup

Angah's : Chicken Chop with Flavoured Rice - macam Nasi Ayam lah tu.

Along's Chicken Chop.

Overall the food was nothing brag about. Well it might fills up your tummy but if I got a choice, I'll take the kids else where later.

Rating :
Ambiance : 3 stars.
Service : 3 stars.
Food : 3 stars
Drinks : 2 stars.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kasut oh Kasut

Do you agree with me that men only need a pair of dressed shoes for work, one for sport or casual and a slipper. That's all. Not only that but they will only change it when its either worn off or get stolen. But women needs 10 pairs for each occasions. And they will buy more but only wear it once or twice. I always wonder why, why and why?

Anyway I have been wanting to buy a new pair of shoe since ages. I wanted it for a change and replace my old one which I bought easily 4 or 5 years ago. The pair that I have wearing is actually "weared off". I realized that there is a small hole at the bottom. The side had also "torn a bit". Well it was supposed to be a leather shoe but then again I realized that it was not 100% leather. Some part of it "looks like leather".

Anyway since I realized I need a pair (since many moons ago) but I just couldn't find either the right size, right pattern, right price or the right time to go for shopping.

The idea of getting a new pair of shoe was put off for a while until today. I was taking my 3 kids to Alpha Angle in Wanga Maju and in Jaya Jusco there was a sale. However not many men shoes were on sale. But there were a couple of shoes that caught my eyes.

Alain Delon ...boleh lah tahan brand dia.

They placed the shoes just right beside the exit escalator . I saw them when we wanted to go out. Well one thing with me is that, when I saw a nice good pair I would instantly decide to buy. What more if it give a 50% off. My oh my! That would be good deal.

Cool shoes for RM360 with a 50% discount.

From RM360 and with 50% discount, it would only cost me RM180. That a cool deal for me. So without hesistant, I request the sales person to give me a size 6 for a try. Walla.. it fit and there goes my credit card.

My new pair that would last me for the next 4 years hehehe....

So I guess I would be walking high with my new shoes this wednesday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

In Rememberance of My Beloved Sayang, Wife, Mother and Friend.

It was Saturday 4.15 pm. 5 January 2008. It was the time and date that have changed my life and the life of my 4 kids for ever. Today is exactly one year my dearest Sayang have left us. It was the day she had succumbed to Breast Cancer after 4 years 7 months of endurance. And today is exactly one year of her passing.

I still vividly remember that very moments she left us. I was besides her. So were the kids and our siblings. We gathered around her bed in anticipation of last breathe. She had shown all the signs that she was leaving us. I was hesitant to let her go but deep inside me, I had too. She had suffered so much in my very own eyes.

Whilst taking care of her, I saw her squirming of pain she had to endure but without any verbal communication. She can't speak then. Even if she speaks I can hardly hear or understand what she was saying. I had to inject her with painkiller and drugs as instructed by the nurse, just to keep her calm from the intense pain. I pity her. I cared for her.

Ky is the most positive person that I had ever known in my life. She is a very outgoing and independent person. Also the happy go lucky kind of person. She is loved by so many people around her. She had touched so many souls. And her passing was missed by so many people.

I remembered telling her that she and I will go thru this ordeal together. - for better or for worst. That was my promise that I made to her the day Dr Kamal, the Oncologist and Dr Anis, the surgeon, broke the news in the hospital room in SJMC sometimes in May 2004. I vividly remembered that she didn't cry hearing the new. She was a tough lady. I didn't know what to do or what to think then. I felt the world had gone upside down. Everything seems to go against us. But she stayed cool. But I believe Allah loves her more than we do. So that's why He took away her from us.

So this morning, after sending Mimi for her 1st day of school this year, I got my silent moment at her resting place. No one was at the graveyard except me.


Dear Sayang,

Yes it has been one year you left us. Even though we were reluctant to let you leave us, but Allah loves you more. Allah has found you a better place to rest while you wait for us.

As for the kids, I have taken care for them as I have promised you. Don't worry about them as I will take care of them. After all they are my kids too remember! They are growing up but I never forget to remind them to think of you. I always reminded them to see you at your pusara and also to read at Al Fatihah for you whenever they remember you. I always reminded them your advise whenever they did something wrong.

I never forget to praise Allah and request Him to forgive you and me. As He is the only one who can Forgive what we have done.

And today is 5 January 2009. Exactly a year you left us. You might not be with us anymore Sayang but surely you will be in my heart forever and ever. And no one can get you away from me. Till we meet in Jannah - my prayers and doa will always be for you.

May you be in a place amongst the chosen one by Allah.

Missed you so much.