Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kasut oh Kasut

Do you agree with me that men only need a pair of dressed shoes for work, one for sport or casual and a slipper. That's all. Not only that but they will only change it when its either worn off or get stolen. But women needs 10 pairs for each occasions. And they will buy more but only wear it once or twice. I always wonder why, why and why?

Anyway I have been wanting to buy a new pair of shoe since ages. I wanted it for a change and replace my old one which I bought easily 4 or 5 years ago. The pair that I have wearing is actually "weared off". I realized that there is a small hole at the bottom. The side had also "torn a bit". Well it was supposed to be a leather shoe but then again I realized that it was not 100% leather. Some part of it "looks like leather".

Anyway since I realized I need a pair (since many moons ago) but I just couldn't find either the right size, right pattern, right price or the right time to go for shopping.

The idea of getting a new pair of shoe was put off for a while until today. I was taking my 3 kids to Alpha Angle in Wanga Maju and in Jaya Jusco there was a sale. However not many men shoes were on sale. But there were a couple of shoes that caught my eyes.

Alain Delon ...boleh lah tahan brand dia.

They placed the shoes just right beside the exit escalator . I saw them when we wanted to go out. Well one thing with me is that, when I saw a nice good pair I would instantly decide to buy. What more if it give a 50% off. My oh my! That would be good deal.

Cool shoes for RM360 with a 50% discount.

From RM360 and with 50% discount, it would only cost me RM180. That a cool deal for me. So without hesistant, I request the sales person to give me a size 6 for a try. Walla.. it fit and there goes my credit card.

My new pair that would last me for the next 4 years hehehe....

So I guess I would be walking high with my new shoes this wednesday.

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