Friday, January 30, 2009

Amr Diab

At times I do listen to music. Somehow Amr Diab songs kept coming into my mind recently. So I googled in and got some of his songs. Truly I can say that Amr Diab is one of my favorite Arab singer. Before this I can never appreciate modern Arabic songs until I listen to him. I guess he is one of the top singer in the Arab world.

Listen to his songs flies my mind else where. I'm into other world. Forget all the things that sometimes bothering my mind.



Brother Lans said...

Laaaa, you pun suka Amr Diab?
Many years back in 2000 I bought 2 CD's of Arab songs at Imbi Plaza (pirate lah tu :-)) ada Amr Diab, Fadhil Syakar, Diana Hadad, Najwa Karam dan yg sewaktu dgnnya. Tamally Ma'ak best kan? Wslm BroLans

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...

A'ah I pun suka lagu Arab sang by Amr Diab. My friend introduced it to me when we were driving from KL to Kedah some years back. Asyik dengar lagu tu jer dalam kereta. Pastu lama dah tak dengar until I read your blog. Tu yang teringat and I download from imeem. Thanks Bro'.