Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kasut oh Kasut Part 2

Acik has been bothering me for weeks now to get his new pair of sport shoes. It was during our venture to find his new pair of sport shoes that tumble the pair Alain Delon shoes which I bought for myself. Yes he has been pestering me almost everyday to go to a shoe store named J.J. Chain at Wangsa Maju. We did go to the store before the Chinese New Year but it was closed. Acik was very disappointed. Especially when I got mine but he didn't get his. What a pity.

So today, not sure whether out of pity or out of love I took him and Angah to the shop. Angah pulak sibuk kata yang kasut sport shoes dia pun dah tak elok. So I bundle the 2 of them into the cars and went to the shoe store. Luckily it is open. Acik hurriedly went into the shop grinning. His mission is half achieved.

There was sale of 10% ~50% of certain shoes. Acik has been aiming a pair of Adidas shoes that was used by one of his football star "Massie". I'm not a great fan of football and Massie doesn't ring me a bell at all. But Acik has been pestering me for weeks to get him a pair of what Massie is wearing. He even surfed the net and even showed me the pictures (see below).

Someone used to tell me "You should visualised things you want to have or things you want to become ". And I guess he has been doing that. And today he got what he has been visualising all this while. Tapi kopak jugak lah poket bapak dia.

The picture Acik download from the net.
Model Adidas F5.8 In.

And the shoes he got today. That's visualisation.

It's the original Adidas shoes that cost me RM134.90 after
less 10%.

Massie oh Massie. Pasal kau kopak aku seratus lebih.

By the way, Angah yang menyibuk ikut tadi pun sibuk nak one pair of shoes himself. A pair for him to play futsal or basketball. The one that he has already worn out. So rather that hearing another pestering by him for many other weeks, I just bought him a pair. He chosen Nike brand.

Nike Court Shuttle II.

Also cost me another RM143.90 after les 10%.

Now both of them grinning coming out from the sport shoe store thanking me for buying them the shoes. Acik dream of having the Adidas shoes that his favorite Massie comes true.


Brother Lans said...

Zam aslkum.Hah!camtu lah bapak *grin* Cantik-lah kasut2 tu! :-) Wslm Brother Lans@Bremen Germany

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...

Salam Bro Lans. Lama tak dengar berita. Ada juga saya singgah tengok blog you. Hope everything is ok over there in Bremen. Enjoy yourself over Bro.Cheers.