Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

We have not been going for dinner for quite sometimes now. The last trip out was at "Kopitiam Kawan" in Bangi. And since this is a long weekend, I took the opportunity to bring the kids out for dinner.

Not only that, I had some money for the kids since they got paid for some things they had done something for me earlier. So I told them we could go out for dinner somewhere to spend the money.

There were a couple of choices the kids can go. 1. Go to eat Satay Kajang Hj Samuri or 2. Go to "Cheng Ho' that serves a Chinese Muslim food. Well because it happened to be the eve of Chinese New Year, I said why not try Chinese Food.

Anyway it was drizzling after Maghrib when we wanted to go out. So I thought instead why not we go to eat satay at Hj Samuri in Melati Utama, which is nearby to our place. However when we arrived, the place was packed with people. Luckily Melati Utama offers lots of eating place. There is Old Town White Coffee , Kelfood (Kelantanese cusine), Thai House, The Templer (Chinese Muslim Food), and a few other.

The kids suggested that we go to Memory Corner - a kopitiam-type of restaurant. Well why not? After all it's their money they are going to spend.

The kids waiting for their order.

Coke with Choc Ice Cream, Mango juice, Chocolate Blended,
Sour Soup & Guava and Blended Sour Sop.

Mine: Tauhu Pok Bakar -- sedap jugak

Mimi's: Chicken Sizzling Yee Mee.

Acik's : Penang Kuey Teow Soup

Angah's : Chicken Chop with Flavoured Rice - macam Nasi Ayam lah tu.

Along's Chicken Chop.

Overall the food was nothing brag about. Well it might fills up your tummy but if I got a choice, I'll take the kids else where later.

Rating :
Ambiance : 3 stars.
Service : 3 stars.
Food : 3 stars
Drinks : 2 stars.

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Zalina said...

I hv been there. The Asam Laksa memang best and was attracted by the wash room and wash basin. Unique. Next, you may try Kunang-Kunang. Nasi lemak dia not too bad. Setting just like 'Bora-bora Ombak'. Ada Western and Thai food as well....pergi malam cooling sikit.