Friday, October 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Sayang

This is a special day for me. I know I have not been writing much since before the Hari Raya. But I told myself taht I have to blog today.

Why this 26 October is so special to me? It's because today is my beloved sayang 47th birthday. You see, as you know she is having breast cancer and until few months back, the cancer cell had spread to her liver. So currently she had not been feeling too good. She don't have the appetite to eat and even if she eats, everything will come out again. The Hospis doctor and nurse did mentioned to her that her liver had enlarged, thus compressing the stomach. As a result she felt that her stomach is full and could take much food.

I pity her suffering. But then again, she had to eat something to fill up her tummy. If not, she'll be getting gastric pain. Taking in pain killer or any other medication that create acidity in stomach, will eventually resulting gastric pain. That was what happen to her before the Ramadan when I had to rush her into the emergency room due to her unbearable gastric pain.

A couple of days before Hari Raya, and Ky wanted to do some cooking. You see, our Bibik had gone back for 2 months Holidays in Indonesia. So as usual, she wanted to prepare Laksa Johor to Hari Raya at my mom's place. With extra work done in the kitchen, she had a swollen right arm. She told me that probably she sprained her arm while cutting the onion. But I personally don't think so. With some consultation with her cancer friends, she found out that it was because of the reaction of the lymph nodes. For about a week, her right arm were swollen like double the size of her left arm. It was also very hot. I mean real hot and not the ordinary warm. The only solution was to cover the whole arm with a ice-cold towel. Eventually after a few days, the swollen subsided. However her appetite still wasn't that good.

On Monday night, I took her together with Acik (who had vomiting and purging due to food poisoning) to a nearby clinic. Whilst Acik's was a minor case, Ky's case was slightly serious.

The doctor that we went to see was about 70 years old Punjabi Doctor. What I like about him was that although he is a bit old but he has full of wisdom and gave fatherly advise. Initially I told him about Ky's cancer and that currently she didn't have the appetite to eat probably due to the enlarged liver.I also told him that she had not been able to eat the last few days. But this experience doctor calmly said that her stomach pain is because she is not eating at all. That also triggers the stomach pain. He said that Ky had to eat anything or if you can eat, eat an elephant for that matter. It doesn't matter what she want to eat but eat! (I remember that word) Eat a little at a time if she can't eat the whole plate. Take vitamins even though with empty stomach rather than not eating anything. He even told Ky to take "air kelapa muda" to replace the loss of sugar and salt in the body. It may sound simple but it make sense to her. So she did what the doctor told her to do.

Alhamdullilah as of yesterday, she had improved her appetite. Thanks to the fatherly advice of Dr. Premjit Singh. Well to me she is now a bit better and can eat a bit more that before.

So today is her birthday. It really meant so much me. At least she now reach her 47th birthday after more than 4 years plus of having breast cancer. Every new day meant something to me and our kids.

I know I couldn't do much to help her with her health, but I always try and will do something to make her life a bit better. Yesterday after work, I rushed to Petaling street to buy 2 dozens of red roses for her birthday. At mid-night when she already went to sleep, I arranged the roses in a crystal vase with a birthday card on it and put it on the dining table. Hopefully she is surprise to see the red roses for her in the morning.

And I am planning for a surprise Birthday party for her this Saturday night with my friends in the business - after all they are coming for Hari Raya anyway.

Happy Birthday Sayang! May Allah showed us the path and let you be fully recovered from whatever circumstances you are facing. Allah is Great and Merciful and I'm very sure that he has something in store for you.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Today is the last working day prior the Hari Raya. Our office seems to be quite - some has resigned earlier, some have taken the additional leave and some in the meetings.

Today, the Hari Raya atmosphere were not the same as previous years. Everybody were excited then, be it Muslim or non-Muslim - especially we usually have a long holiday break. Now it looks bleak as if nothing is happening.

Anyway, this time around we had another long break. The whole plant will closed tomorrow from 11~21 October 2007. Well I need a break anyway.

It is also sad that Ramadan is closing to an end this Friday. A long month of spiritual rituals that only be done during this month will end. I attended the Terawih at the surau nearby whenever I can. I miss them during my 2 weeks confinement after the operation.

Our helper a.k.a. Bibik had gone back for a 2 months holidays in her hometown in Surabaya. She'll only be back in December. So the house chores had to be done on our own. The kids were also asked to do throw away the garbage, take in the dried clothes, make their own bed, etc. It was a luxury when Bibik is around.

We didn't plan much for this Hari Raya. Except celebrating it at my Mom's house and probably visit some of the closest relatives. Cooking??? Hmm.. probably not the troublesome cooking of rendang and ketupat. Maybe some Laksa Johor stuff.

and Baju Raya? Initially Ky don't want to buy any as some new clothes haven't been worn yet. As for baju melayu, the boys had one or two new pairs they haven't worn yet. However, last weekend we went shopping and bought pants for them. Me... hmm.. I'm not too fussy. Still had a shirt or two that had not worn yet. Ky?? I asked her if she wants anything. As usual, she humbly said no. When I was small, all my siblings would get the same colour materia; for Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung. Even the samping is of same colour and material. Shoes were from Bata and that was already considered a high brand then. Those were the days.

Duit Raya? Well I have changed to new notes of RM10, RM5 and RM1. RM10 for the nephews and nieces, RM5 for grandchildren (nephews and nieces kids ok) and RM2 for other children. Of course, my kids will get RM100 each from me. I remember I was so excited when my uncles and aunties gave me 50 sen. Nenek will give us RM1. Those were the days. Now kids would say " Alah seringgit aje?" Adui sakit telinga dengarnya. My kids would get at least RM300~RM400 in total collection every Raya. Now they are thinking about buying new hand phones or other electronic gadgets. Last time it was "Simpan duit tu nanti boleh beli kasut sekolah or baju sekolah". I remember my mom reminded us so. Those were the days.

Well so much for that, I guess Life has to go on. Things have changed, we changes, Kids grew up fast, life style also changes. But the memory remains.

To all my silent readers :

Selamat Menyambut Syawal dengan penuh kerahmatan.
Semoga Allah menerima puasa kita dan menjadikan kita kembali dalam keadaan suci dan termasuk orang-orang yang mendapat kemenangan.

Salam Aidil Fitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Azam & Kiky

Aizuddin, Aizat, Adib & Mahani Maimunah (Mimi)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Mimi got her role

Last Saturday Mimi accompanied Ky to her rehearsal at the Actors Studio for the "Life Sdn. Bhd." act. Unlike last week, when Mimi came back with sour face (cos she couldn't get to go on stage) last Saturday she came back with a bit more happy.

Her Mak told me that Mimi's dream came through. Why? It's because Datuk Faridah Merican, the Director asked if anybody else want to accompany the actress on stage while they relate their life history. Obviously Mimi was the one who volunteered to be on stage with her mom. I guess she want to be in the limelight with her mom too. Orang kata "nak enter frame lah tu" hehehe..

Mimi as I know her is not the timid or shy type of girl.She would volunteer to do something that her 3 brothers do want to do. I remember when she was about 6 years old, she volunteered to go on stage with a clown at the opening of Tesco Damansara Perdana. The 3 brothers only stood by down stage. She would also play the musical chair or other games at any birthday parties, whilst her brothers shied themselves away.

Now that she got her way of getting on stage with her mom, I guess she had gotten what she want. Although her part was only to stand besides her mom on stage.

Another thing that Ky told me was this. Datuk Faridah Merican was asking her actress and actors if any of them could sing on stage. Mimi silently pointed Ky to Faridah (saying that her mom could sing). Hah ... thus now Ky got to sing as well now. Thus now Ky got to sing a song. She might sing "You raise me up" by Josh Groban.

Now we see how it goes. I might be attending the grand opening on the 11 October together with my sister-in-law. So if you guys think it worthwhile to go, please join me there. It's at Actors Studio, Bangsar Shopping Complex.

Division Revamped

The past one week after I came back for work was a tremendously busy week. After many resignations : totalled 8 resignation in the last 3 months to be specific, the is a revamp in the divisional organisation. We now report directly to the MD and we now have an advisor who manages us the daily.

and Remember the last posting about 4 people resigned. A couple of weeks after that another Tsunami evades our division. 3 more people resigned. Nellie, Badrul and Amin found their exit to elsewhere. That make 8 people plus our Division head who resigned much earlier. Well there are many personal reasons why they left.

So now the new advisor had revamped the whole organisation and our MD had a meeting with us informing the new structure. Now there will me more people coming in either externally or internal recruitment.

Well for me, I wouldn't want to crack my head over this issue. Life has to go on irregardless of whatever circumstances. Getting new bosses and new colleague is no issue for me.

So now I'm waiting for the new people to come in. Hopefully we can work together as a team.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Life Sdn. Bhd.

What is Life Sdn Bhd you might ask? I used to ask the same question too.

Well let me story you! A couple of weeks ago, some staff from Hospis Malaysia came to visit my wife, Ky. As you know Ky is a cancer patient and Hospis came over to help things out with her. Ky's liver already got affected by it recently. Thus Hospis's doctor and nurse came to see her and prescribe some medication for her.

On their second visit, the Hospis ladies came with some video and camera man to take pictures of her. Ky told me that they want to get her to act into some theater kind of things - for a charity cause. She asked me whether she can join the theater. Without hesitation I said yes! If it's for a good cause and if you are well and fit, by all mean do it. Why not? I jokingly said that well, now you can become an actress hehheee..

So for the last 2 Saturdays, she went to Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Complex. The first Saturday for audition - which she got it. She came back with some posters and postcard size promo for this act.

Last Saturday she went again for the practice but this time with my 10 year old Mimi. Ky told me that Mimi mengamuk and buat hal. The reason being this. When she saw a lady brought in her daughter to take part in the play, she too want her Mak to take her on stage to act as well. I could help but laught a bit. Alamak nak enter frame pulak anak aku ni!!! Tapi that girl is big and already working and you are still small sayang. Anak sape lah nie!

Anyway the play will depicts some life history of cancer survivors. I would consider Ky a surviving cancer person. As this is a charity work directed by Datuk Faridah Merican, I guess it must be good. I haven't seen it myself.

There will be 4 shows begining 11 ~ 14 October at Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre. I know it coincides with the Hari Raya time and everybody is busy preparing for Hari Raya. But I'm sure some of you could spare some time to see the show especially it's for a good charity cause.

So do come and see these surviving cancer people relating their life.

I'm back Alive!

Yeah... I'm back on my feet again after 2 weeks off at home. 2 weeks well rested at home seems to be a good idea if you are healthy and wealthy but not when you have to endure the pain of recovering. Yeah a painful recovery lah...

My world at home was just the bedroom, the living cum TV room and the bathroom. Well that's not interesting isn't it. The activities were no more than lying down on bed, sofa or on the carpet watching numerous TV programmes that I didn't know it existed before this. I begin to like watching Martha Steward programme. So was the Indonesian series Taqwa. When you keep watch the series, you tend to get glued to the TV and would want to know what will happen next. I was more in competition the last 2 weeks with my kids on who to see what programme. Of course lah the ailing sick father will win. They ended up watching TV in Bibik's room.

Now I'm back on my feet I guess and got back into the 9~5 rat race. Hundreds of emails had to be read and replied. Of course deleting the unnecessary emails in my mailbox which has exceed its limit.

Thanks to all my friends who had sent me messages and wishing me well.