Monday, October 8, 2007

Division Revamped

The past one week after I came back for work was a tremendously busy week. After many resignations : totalled 8 resignation in the last 3 months to be specific, the is a revamp in the divisional organisation. We now report directly to the MD and we now have an advisor who manages us the daily.

and Remember the last posting about 4 people resigned. A couple of weeks after that another Tsunami evades our division. 3 more people resigned. Nellie, Badrul and Amin found their exit to elsewhere. That make 8 people plus our Division head who resigned much earlier. Well there are many personal reasons why they left.

So now the new advisor had revamped the whole organisation and our MD had a meeting with us informing the new structure. Now there will me more people coming in either externally or internal recruitment.

Well for me, I wouldn't want to crack my head over this issue. Life has to go on irregardless of whatever circumstances. Getting new bosses and new colleague is no issue for me.

So now I'm waiting for the new people to come in. Hopefully we can work together as a team.

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