Monday, October 1, 2007

Life Sdn. Bhd.

What is Life Sdn Bhd you might ask? I used to ask the same question too.

Well let me story you! A couple of weeks ago, some staff from Hospis Malaysia came to visit my wife, Ky. As you know Ky is a cancer patient and Hospis came over to help things out with her. Ky's liver already got affected by it recently. Thus Hospis's doctor and nurse came to see her and prescribe some medication for her.

On their second visit, the Hospis ladies came with some video and camera man to take pictures of her. Ky told me that they want to get her to act into some theater kind of things - for a charity cause. She asked me whether she can join the theater. Without hesitation I said yes! If it's for a good cause and if you are well and fit, by all mean do it. Why not? I jokingly said that well, now you can become an actress hehheee..

So for the last 2 Saturdays, she went to Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Complex. The first Saturday for audition - which she got it. She came back with some posters and postcard size promo for this act.

Last Saturday she went again for the practice but this time with my 10 year old Mimi. Ky told me that Mimi mengamuk and buat hal. The reason being this. When she saw a lady brought in her daughter to take part in the play, she too want her Mak to take her on stage to act as well. I could help but laught a bit. Alamak nak enter frame pulak anak aku ni!!! Tapi that girl is big and already working and you are still small sayang. Anak sape lah nie!

Anyway the play will depicts some life history of cancer survivors. I would consider Ky a surviving cancer person. As this is a charity work directed by Datuk Faridah Merican, I guess it must be good. I haven't seen it myself.

There will be 4 shows begining 11 ~ 14 October at Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre. I know it coincides with the Hari Raya time and everybody is busy preparing for Hari Raya. But I'm sure some of you could spare some time to see the show especially it's for a good charity cause.

So do come and see these surviving cancer people relating their life.

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