Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm back Alive!

Yeah... I'm back on my feet again after 2 weeks off at home. 2 weeks well rested at home seems to be a good idea if you are healthy and wealthy but not when you have to endure the pain of recovering. Yeah a painful recovery lah...

My world at home was just the bedroom, the living cum TV room and the bathroom. Well that's not interesting isn't it. The activities were no more than lying down on bed, sofa or on the carpet watching numerous TV programmes that I didn't know it existed before this. I begin to like watching Martha Steward programme. So was the Indonesian series Taqwa. When you keep watch the series, you tend to get glued to the TV and would want to know what will happen next. I was more in competition the last 2 weeks with my kids on who to see what programme. Of course lah the ailing sick father will win. They ended up watching TV in Bibik's room.

Now I'm back on my feet I guess and got back into the 9~5 rat race. Hundreds of emails had to be read and replied. Of course deleting the unnecessary emails in my mailbox which has exceed its limit.

Thanks to all my friends who had sent me messages and wishing me well.

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