Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where Was I These Few days?

You guys must be wondering where was I since my last posting right? Probably you were wondering whether I have decided to quit blogging? Or probably I had other better things to do?

Well for your information, I had just went thru' a minor operation recently and to be exact was Monday 17 September 2007. I'm now recovering slowly. The operation was just an hour but the recovering part might takes a couples of weeks or so.

Probably you were also wondering what kind of surgery? Ehmm... malu nak cakap. It's something that happen to men mostly over 40 and the probability of men getting it is about 50% ( I read it somewhere). It's something that not many people would discuss it openly. But don't get your imagination runs wild ok. But more importantly is that I'm recovering slowly but surely.

I will post later the details of my experience being operated. But for now let's keep cool dude. Just pray that I recover fast.


Brother Lans said...

BroZam,aslkum.Laaa,ye ke? Semoga dikurniakan Allah kesihatan kembali.Duduk rumah recuperating ke? Wsalam Selamat beramal.p/s masih duduk rumah lama yg kat Gombak tu ke?

deOughtred said...

i'm analyzing.. normal in men over 40s.. hmmm... ni mesti something related to higher, faster, stronger ni.. hahahah or harder, longer.. buh botox kot?! hahahahah slmt hari raya!

Phlegmatic Melancholic said...

Brother lans .. Alhamdulilah dah baik sikit. Yes I still stay in Gombak area.

Adik deoughtred .. that is for me to know and for you to find out ok ... and that's not something related to make it higher, faster and stronger tau. I don't need botox for that hehehe..