Wednesday, September 5, 2007

OK! Who is next!

I don't know whether I am supposed to be depressed or what. Four of my colleague had submitted their resignation letters to HRD. Our Division head had earlier put in his resignation and his last day was last month.

Now these 4 people had submitted their resignation earlier and probably be out before the Hari Raya holidays - minus their annual leaves. It's kind of Tsunami as someone have put it especially 5 people resigning in the last 2 months.

So before the fasting month begins next week, we organised a simple but meaningful farewell for these brats.

Pak Hamdan aka the Boss gave a meaningful but sinister
speech ahahaha... So who else want to resign?...

Pizza Hut Pizza to go...

These guys never want to reveal where they are going. What the heck. ... they are going out anyway. But we'll miss the fun of being together as a team.

The people who seek greener pasture ..... is it?

Azlee a.k.a. the "road less travel"..

Marcus .. eh baru 2 tahun kerja dah resign.. pehal lak

Marsitah ... we'll miss your muffins Mas..

Firdaus .. our Iran CKD specialist.. abis lah Iran Project

So who is next to resign ha! Nellie & Badrul camne!

So guys we wish you luck and best of your future endeavour. But if you know a better position there, just let us know ok guys.

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