Monday, September 3, 2007

X2O3 Challenge Camp in Pantai Remis

Wow what a day I've been thru'! After many years of not going through any hard training camp - so last Saturday we had one in Warisan Sembilang Training Centre in Pantai Remis- somewhere after Pekan Kapar.

Yes we had been warned to exercise a bit and take lots of Double X supplement before we go. In fact this is a challenge for people who could move Double X - one of Nutrilite best supplement.

There's lots of fun and excitement plus lots of scary obstacles we had to go thru' out the whole day.

Ayu & Tahir got a ride with me as I was driving alone there. To me, they might as well get a ride from me instead of them driving alone too. We shoot off from my place about 7.45am and arrived at the Camp about an hour later.

The out of towners were already there and some of them came as early as 3 am by bus from Singapore and Penang. After registration, there were briefings and grouping of teams. Most of my team members are my downlines.

We started by warming up first and that's fine with me. Randy was out facilitator as he has gone through all the games / obstacles before.

The whole program were divided into 3 bands and each band consist of 4~5 obstacles/games. We were given 18 minutes for each games to complete and 20 points will be deducted for each participant not completing each obstacle.

Warming up session - while we still have energy.

We started off by briefing by the chief coordinator, Fathiah. We were divided into teams and we were group in Team C, which we later named it as "Team Cheetah" - the strong animal on the prowl. Later there was a warming up session headed by Zainal & Bridgette from Singapore.

The First Band - River Crossing, Vietnam Bridge & Blind fold

The first obstacle was cross the river. We were given safety jacket each - just in case we submerge in the water. Of course we have to put our strategy in place so that everybody can completed each mission within the 18 minutes.

River Crossing - it was a jiffy if you know how to do it.

The Vietnam Bridge crossing looks easy until you get onto rope. Got to balance yourself or else you'll be down in the river. Another strategy have to be put in place.

The balancing act on the Vietnam Bridge.
Silap hari bulan jambatan senget tau.

Another one was the Blind folded game. Each of us were blind folded with only the team leader giving the instruction. Thus you have to reach out to the person in front of you and not letting him go or else ....

The Blind folded crawl. So we have to hold the next person's leg.
Susah sikit sebab tak nampak apa-apa pun.

After we completed the first band, we were thrilled. We still have some energy left. But gosh there are two more bands to go. We break for shower first since the we have completed the first band but the team ahead of us had not completed theirs.

Yeah! We can do it man!
Tapi masa buat tu mengelabah jugak!

The Second Band - Repelling, Abseiling, Flying Fox, Climbing & Commando Crawl and Spider Web.

I think the most challenging part is the climbing the Container and the Commando Crawl.As our team consist of women and men, in different sizes and weight, the challenge is who is going to push who to the top. To be on the safe side, I already warned the ladies that we have to push their butts up and got to pull them on top of the container so that it's easier for them. Well who cares whose butts you got to push when you want to completed the obstacle in time right!

The climbing up is not so bad.. but the
coming down.. aduih susah nyer!

The Commando Crawl. Yang ni senang sikit.

This Spider Web obstacle is a bit unique to me. We were given a number of holes to get thru'. Some big holes but most of them are small. Thus we have to strategies who to go thru' first and also which holes they should go thru'. Tapi ada lak yang nak memilih lubang mana nak pergi. Of course me being the most senior guy would shout: " Woi cepat lah. Jangan nak memilih lak." So cepat lah sikit cause I want them to decide fast.

Stratergising what to do and who to go first in
the Spider Web obstacle.

The Flying Fox was a jiffy but the challenge is to climb the three story tower. After the many obstacles we have done...aduih.. now our muscles are aching already.

The Flying Fox - best nyer!

The Abseiling and Repelling was ok with me. The instructor taught us the method of lowering ourself down. So no big deal for me .. cewah!

The Abseiling - it's a jiffy if you get used to it....cewah!

The Third Band - Telematches : Gunny sack run, Brick Walk, Seek Candy in Flour, Four Legged Run, Ball Throwing & Paperdoll

This is the fun part too. The telematches were more hilarious than the obstacle races. The funniest part was the Paperdoll. Faisal who were
forced volunteer to be the macho man for the team, little that he know that he'll be the victim as the paperdoll.

The four-legged run. You have to tie your legs
to each other
and one string than runs thru' your
T-shirts. What a fun?

The Paper Doll games - Faisal became Fathiah !!!!
Oops your boob falls!

Miss Universe drag pagents. So who you would
you choose?

The telematches were the last band. We were then grouped again for the last briefing of the day. After all the deliberations and fire fighters (Bomba) were ready to shoot water on us.

After a long hot day and now getting drained out of energy, a cool shower from the fire fighter was a relief.

The Bomba cooling us down after all the games.

We were all wet but it's nice to be cool after a long hot sessions.

The program was almost complete by 6.00pm. We were drenched wet and it's time for a proper shower and Asar prayers. The barbecue and camp fire starts at 7.00pm.

At the camp fire prizes were given to the winners for each band and the overall winners. Well our team didn't win any but I was glad that I join this camp. What more important is what we have learn from the things we did : the team work, leadership skill, overcoming your fears, and have fun along the way.

We left Pantai Remis about 9.00pm and reach home by 10.00pm. By then I was damn tired and my muscles are already aching. Ouch sakit lah badan!

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