Friday, September 7, 2007

Soalan Bocor UPSR

I really hate this when I heard in the news a couple of days ago that there are "Soalan Bocor UPSR". I couldn't help but kesian my 3rd son, Adib a.k.a. Acik. What if he has to sit for this exam again. I told him to be prepared just in case if the Ministry request them to re-sit for the exam.

Because of some irresponsible individual who leak the exam questions, now many pupils will be in trouble. Imagine that your kids have put all his brains out preparing for the exams and now drained out ... suddenly he has to take it again. I'm talking about those innocent kids who don't even heard or saw the "leaked questions'.

I hope that some investigation is being done by the police and put the culprits behind bars. I know some years ago the same thing happened and the culprits were reprimanded by the police. Hope the same action will be taken upon these culprits.

As for Acik, Wednesday was his last exam day. Acik is now free as a bird. If not, both his mom and me would hammer him not to watch the TV lah, don't go out for games lah, sleep early lah.. and so on and so forth. Now he is free. He even got time to join in with other kids for a patriotic singing competition in school.

Anyway I hope he gets straight A's. Insyaallah!


Anonymous said...

Gosh, this soalan bocor business is unending. What does the culprit gain by doing this, it is a selfish act that effects all the children in whole Malaysia that are taking this exam....Imagine how they have to suffer before the exam, they have to let go a lot of their well-loved activities such watching TV, playing games etc just to prepare themselves for this exam and just when they thought that they have done their best in their exam and feel relief that the exam is over and they are free, suddenly they hear that they will have to resit for it again. This soalan bocor just have to stop...

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