Thursday, September 13, 2007

Visitors on Sunday Night

We seldom get visitors on Sunday Night. I guess people don't visit their friends or relatives on Sunday night especially the next day is a working holiday. On the same note, we seldom gets visitors on any other nights anyway.

Anyway, our old friend, Ezzah text me earlier and she intend to visit us on Sunday afternoon. But unfortunately, that Sunday afternoon, we were at my mom's place for a Kenduri menyambut Puasa and Tahlil too. So she decide to come after marghib which is fine with me.

If you are wondering who is Ezzah, she is the Ezzah Aziz Fawzy who is the TV3 ex-newscaster cum personality. I guess she is now the producer of Wanita Hari Ini and maybe a few more other productions. Anyway Ky was her schoolmate when they were in SIGS JB many many years ago. They were in the same hostel and school marching band together.

Anyway only Ezzah & her husband Rezal came.We were actually expecting to see all their kids too. You see their kids were almost the same age like ours except that we have 4 kids and they have 5. Their last one, Alia is now 6 years old. Rezal said itu anak accident - if you know what I mean! Hahaha.

It's good to chit chat after many years of not seeing each other. I told Rezal, to be specific, it has been 5 odd years. Because the last time I saw them was when Alia was still a baby and now she is in the kindergarten. I still remember the last time we visited them was during Hari Raya in Bangi.

I guess what triggered Ezzah to come was like this. One day when Ky was watching the Wanita Hari Ini, one of the two girls who hosted the programme were talking about cancer said something like this " Penyakit ini bukan disebabkan oleh tuhan tetapi disebabkan oleh cara hidup dan makanan kita". Well Ky being a cancer patient herself and who is now a bit more religious now, were stunned by that statement. She then immediately called Ezzah and commented on the statement given by the host. Ky told Ezzah that any sickness or any diseases is given by God. And that the host should not give out that such statement especially being a Muslim. Ezzah later told us that she had passed Ky's comment to the host of the show and that the host should be more careful in giving our any statements especially on Air.

Anyway many topics were touched. From the kids, our jobs, our well being, our old friends, etc. etc. Of course some of the things we talked were personal things that I should not reveal here hehehee.. Gossip celebrities lah tu!

By 10.30pm, they excuse themselves to leave. It was good to meet up old buddies and catch up with old time. Anyway we promised to visit them if we are somewhere in their area. Thanks Ezzah and Rezal for visiting us.

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