Monday, September 10, 2007

How Full Is Your Bucket?

My ex-office colleague dropped by at my office to to bid goodbye as this is her last day at work. Marsitah or I fondly called her Mas had been in the company for about 6 1/2 years. She was just transferred to another division recently prior to her resignation. Of course the common reasons, as she mentioned for her leaving us is to seek greener pasture. Well I'm sure she has other personal reasons for leaving us.

I regard her as one of the best employee in the export division. She being a good friend, jovial gal, easy going, friendly and of course intelligent and sometimes witty. Not forgetting that she bakes great muffins.

She was packing her stuff in the office and found this book "How Full Is Your Bucket". Automatically she thought of me and gladly gave the book to me. She told since I had lent him another book earlier " The parable of the pipeline" which of similar concept, she thought I was the best person to be given this book. How thoughtful of her. I will cherish this Mas.

As for memory sake, I asked her to autograph it for me.

To my dearest pipeline friend
Warmest regards
Marsitah 10/9/2007

Well Mas, I wish you all the luck. Let's keep in touch ok. We'll miss your muffins though.

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Marsitah said...

OMG, guess what i only found out about this entry of yours tadi.
Thank you very much my dear friend , that is very sweet of you. Yes you will always be one of the special people in my heart.

Wish you all the love and happiness in life my friend

ps: muffin hardly bake nowdays :D