Thursday, September 13, 2007

Salam Ramadan

My HP were jammed with messages from relatives and friends. Some came from those who have not kept in touch with me for a long time. How thoughtful were they sending me the messages. Of course I have replied to each and every one of them. One or two of them are those silent people who will only wished me during auspicious day only and they have not even called me a couple of years. Anyway, I always feel blessed to get whatever kind of friends who want to befriend me.

See while writing this blog, another 2 friends text me wishing me selamat menyambut ramadan. Thanks to them.

While I supposed time has changed. I remember we only wish and greeted each other when Hari Raya's coming or any Festivals or New Year. Of recent years, probably we are more exposed to the Fadilat Bulan Ramadan, we now started to greet and wish each other to observe the month of Ramadan.

In fact the Fadilat of doing good deeds during the month of Ramadan is much more compared to the normal month. People are more concern doing good deed this month. The surau and masjids are filled up with jemaah to full brim almost every night.

I once commented to my friend casually about our office surau will be packed during Puasa month. We have to queue up to get space for us to prayer. My first thought was that it's gave me difficulties. That was my perspective then. But my friend told me differently.

He said "Nasib baik surau penuh. At least more people are coming to pray. What if the surau is empty and no one come to pray?" Ah! it smacked me right in my face. He is right. What if no one come to fill up the surau even if it is Ramadan. So now I have different perspective on seeing more people coming to the surau. At least I will meet people whom I seldom see them in the surau too (bukan lah nak mengata hehehee but it's a fact). I guess at least they too want to have more pahala this month. Why not?

So to my readers, allow me to wish you Selamat Menyambut Ramadan & bersama-sama lah kita menghayati Fadilat Ramadan yang penuh Rahmat dan semoga Allah dapat menerima segala amal ibadah kita ini. Insyaallah....

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deOughtred said...

selamat berpuasa untuk abg azam and family!