Monday, September 3, 2007

It's UPSR Day for Acik!

Today is the Ujian Pernilaian Sekolah Rendah day! My 3rd son Adib a.ka. Acik is taking his UPSR starting today. After many moons of tuitions and consistent reminders by his Mak & me, now it's his turn to show how well can he perform in his UPSR.

You know lah, Adib is the most mischievous boy amongst my three sons. Being the youngest boy, he is the also the most playful and make fun of anything. He is closest to my darling youngest daugther, Mimi. Selalu gaduh-gaduh. Lepas tu main main and baik semula. Then you will hear them laughing like anything.

Amongst my boys, he is also the most active in sport. He was selected to be the Pengawas when he was in Standard 6. But being too active in sport has it's own disadvantages. At one time, immediately after coming back from the inter-district volleyball tournament he sat for an exam. Of course the worst had happen. Absent for many classes in the two weeks, he got last in class. The teacher punished him by re-assigned him from 6A to 6C. Both his Mak & I got furious and gave him lots and lots of bombardments.

Luckily after all the bombardment almost every other day, so in the next trial exam his result was better off and he got some A's and thus he was returned to his 6A. Lucky you Acik.

After all the words of encouragement from both of us, it's time for him to perform his part. His Uncle Ad had already promise to give him RM100 for every A he gets. His Anjang will give RM20 for every A. But his mom said, he will get the money if gets A's only and if he didn't the A's the money will be deducted.

Anyway .. Good luck my little Hero!

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