Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Recruits

Azlee a.k.a. the road less travel have already decided to seek a greener pasture so to speak, for his career. He will never tell me a.k.a. his boss where he will be going. And I'm the type that will ask only twice for an answer. Thus if asked twice and yet he still being so secretive ... so be it. After all I respect his decision for putting up his resignation on the day our company launched our new model i.e Persona. What a timing huh! It was also a surprise for me as he never ever indicated that he will leave the company. Kira-kira nya nak hidup mati dengan company ni lah. So when he told me that he has decided to resign, it came to a big surprise for me.

But life has to go on irregardless of whatever situation. I pray the best for him and his endeavour. You'll never know. Maybe it's for his betterment to seek other opportunity elsewhere. Well with all his predicament of not having much money at before the end of the every month, I'm sure the pay there will benefits him a lot. Well I always believe that there is always a hikmah for anything to happen.

Of course I have already scrambled with HRD to get a replacement as soon as possible. The best way I thought is to make an internal recruitment. If I have my choice, it would be easier for me train the new guy as he would have know about our internal system and also people who are dealing with us. But the Recruitment guy from HR already warned me that to get other people from other departments would sometimes be difficult because their bosses won't allow them to leave.

Thus that recruitment guy suggested that I look some CVs of people who are interested to work in our company. Well there's always a pro and cons to everything right. But since time is running out for me, I told him that I will look at their CVs anyway.

So this afternoon when I came back from a meeting, I saw an enveloped that contain these CVs. And when I studied the CVs I found that these guys have the background and experience that are relevant.

Next step is to inform the HR people to call them for interview. You know lah the HRD people might take sometimes to get these
candidate for interview and takes years for them to recruit these people in. I hope I can get the right person to take over what my good friend cum assistant cum McGuyver cum teh tarik partner's job. Probably I let him join me to interview these new candidates too.

So well see the outsome.

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deOughtred said...

bro azam, tak mau evaluate my cv ke? the last time you shortlisted my cv, i last 6 years there.. so, should be enough by the time you retire kan.. tak pyh pening2 lagi cari replacement.. wahahahaha

ehh serious ni...