Thursday, August 9, 2007

Gastric Emergency

It was 5.00am in the morning. Ky was already screaming for the pain she had been enduring since last night. She has been feeling the stomach pain since yesterday. Wasn't sure because it's due to her cancer or what? She had been complaining of her pain in her tight bones and also muscle ache.

So when she couldn't stand it anymore, at 5.00am I could not think any further but to drive her to HUKM. Her health records are all in HUKM, so it wise to go there instead of Selayang Hospital which is much nearer to our house.

Reaching HUKM emergency room wasn't a problem but getting a parking is. I made 2 rounds to find a parking space but it seems that everywhere were no parking zone, cones and chains lining the Emergency lanes. I couldn't find a parking!!! So I just parked at the entrance so my wife could get onto a wheelchair and was wheeled inside by the staff.

I left the car at the entrance but was later asked by the guard to removed my car to the common parking space about 200 meters away. Why shouldn't HUKM spare some parking space for people who are on emergency? After all it's an emergency case.

Anyway, the doctors quickly put Ky on a bed and asked few questions to find out her health background. Of course I have to answer him as Ky could not have answer him anyway as her pains is unbearable by then. After some enquiries had been answered, the doctor
injected some pain killers to relieve the pain. But Ky was still screaming with excruciating pain. Only a few minutes later the pain subsides a bit. There on, she was wheeled into an observation cubicle. Thus she rested there while I had to wait. The doctor suspected that she's having gastric pain and necessary medication was given. She was given some milky solution to swallow - to neutralise the acidity in her stomach.

By 6.30am I had to find a surau since I have not prayed subuh yet. The common surau at the main building only opens at 7.00am. Thus luckily a nurse showed me the staff surau nearby - but I had to go thru' the operation theater which was quite eerie especially early in the morning when there's nobody around.

While Ky was under observation, I had to wait outside the emergency room because no one is allowed to wait in the emergency room. So I had to wait at the waiting area next to it - near the automatic door into the room. So once a while when the nurse or attendance came out from the door, I quickly make myself into the room to see Ky, just in case she needs anything.

By 9.30am, the young female doctor, Dr Nurul briefed me about Ky's condition. She had the gastric pain due to prolonged taking of pain killer. This is also due to her fasting continuously the past weeks. Dr Nurul mentioned that she had also paged for a oncologist on call, however none of them was around.

By 10.30am, Dr Nurul also told me that Ky have to be discharged especially when the emergency room is now full. She had to let Ky go since more patients are coming into the ER. So we had no choice but to leave. Afterall, we wouldn't t hear people screaming in the ER. You know people who had accidents and can't bear the pain. In ER, you can see all that. Luckily Ky had felt better-off by then. So I had to take her home for some rest.

This morning before I left for work, she said that she had felt better. Of course I told her to continue with the medication and no fasting until she is ok.

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Brother Lans said...

Zam,aslkum.BroLans here.So how's your mem?Semoga Allah sembuhkan dia.Have more rest & lots of natural ventilation.Wsalam