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Bihar & Dino's Wedding in Kluang & JB

Friday 17 August 2007 - Hari Nikah

It's Bihar's nikah in Kluang. I could not attend this occassion as Acik only finishes his Sekolah Agama test at 5.00pm. So I left KL after Maghrib. Aini took a ride with us. Ky and Mimi left on Thursday with Lin & Ariff. We only reached Kluang about 12.00 midnite as the traffics out of KL was heavy. When we arrived, everything was over and we just had some food to eat.

Although I was not around, Ky told me the situation at the akad nikah ceremony. In fact she had been calling me every half hour to know where I was.

However I was update on this is:

The akad had to be done 3 times. It's because Dino had earlier practised to accept the akad nikah "Aku terima nikah nya, Rabihar bte Abdul Kahar ...." But on that nite itself, the jurunikah asked him to say .. Aku terima nikah nya, Rabihar bt Osman..." I guess Dino got panic due to the change of names.

Another things was that Dino was so touched and he cried when he read the "taklik nikah". Seeing him cried, every cried too. Well I never seen anymore cried when they read the taklik.

Saturday 16 August 2007 - Wedding Reception at Kluang

It was raining heavily in the morning. Luckily the rain stopped by 11.00am. What a relieve! By 11.30 am guests started arriving. The "pakatan" people had already prepared and make arrangement for the wedding. Pakatan is the kampung people that organised and helped our the wedding. This mean, its' less work for us yahoo..

My bro-in-law, Uncle Joe had assigned me to take care of the buffet table for the groom's family side. Fortunately, the pakatan people want to help that too. So I'm free hehe..

Our team colour for the day was maroon baju melayu for the men and shades of maroon for the ladies.

Dino & entourage supposed to arrived at 2.00pm. By 2.30pm, thay have still not appeared yet. Everybody was getting restless. "Mana pengantin lelaki ni?" "Eh, mengapa lambat sangat?" Comments from the family members. Anyway, Dino and entourage arrived slightly after 2.40pm. Here's some photo.

At last Dino & entourage arrived at 2.40pm. Their team colour was shades of pink and Dino wore turqouise baju melayu.

The flowers girls waiting for the groom. Look at Lin & Nora. They are there as the first "gate" keeper to ask for money from the groom before they allow him to enter. It's the Johor custom.

Of course we had to take pictures with the newly weds. They were just like us 18 years ago. Both look radiant and handsome. But of course much thinner then.

Bihar's special guests.

Both the bride's & groom's parents.

Abang Kahar, Khairi, Nora, Kak Imah, Fikri & Eisha.

Makan beradat.

They were radiant in blue. Dua-dua tembam hehehe..

Suap-menyuap kek. Pastu malam ni suap apa lak? hehehe..

At 4.30pm, we were hungry. So it's time to eat again. This time with the "lauk pengantin".

Lepak time. It's so tiring. So we lepak for awhile.

"Interogation time cum orientation for Bihar & Dino"

Well while we were lepaking after the wedding, now it's to plan the "bertandang" ceremony the next day. We were informed that Bihar & Dino had to go back to Dino parent's house that night. In that case, how could we go for the bertandang when the bride & groom are already at the groom's place, right? Traditionally, the bride's family will take along both bride & groom to the groom's parent house, with the bride & groom. But if Bihar & Dino are already there, so who are we supposed to send.

So a family meeting was held? Alamak meeting lagi! And Abang Leman called Bihar & Dino in to discuss on how to solve the issue. While we were lepaking, Bihar & Dino came.

And Bihar came just after having a shower with wet hair. What wet hair? Of course, me being the youngest and loudest uncle shoot out a question. So the first question asked was "Mengapa rambut A'a basah sebelum malam lagi?" That bring an uproar of laughter from everybody??? I hope you understand why I asked that question. hehehe..

Tersipu-sipu malu, A'a answered "Rambut A'a keras lah sebab tu A'a basuh rambut". And that gave me an idea for the second question : Mengapa rambut A'a keras?" Another uproar of laughters creater. "Rambut A'a kena spray lah mak andam buat"... hahah..it was a funny and hilarious moments then.

Another question asked to Dino was "Mengapa awak nangis masa baca taklik? Sebab awak takut ke, nervous ke atau awak tak tau apa awak baca?" Dino answered was " Takde Uncle, saya terharu masa baca taklik tu". Wah.. what an answer. You know what, all the uncles never cried or even felt that way when we read the taklik nikah. hahaha...

Anyway I let Abg Leman, as the chairman of the team to proceed with the rest of the discussion on the bertandang.

"Mengapa rambut A'a basah sebelum malam lagi?" Look at everybody laughing. Look at Lin behind A'a, she couldn't help but laugh.

Sakit perut sebab ketawa banyak sangat. Just because of the rambut basah and rambut keras issue???

Sunday 19 August 2007 - Majlis Bertandang at Johor Bahru

We shoot off from Kluang about 12.00 noon. The plan was to be at a mosque is Taman Sri Pulai by 1.30pm and meet up with the Bride & Groom and then proceed to the wedding reception in a hall.

On way to JB, it was raining heavily here and there. By 1.30pm we managed to be at the Taman Sri Pulai mosque. Bihar & Dino was already there waited for us. However it kept raining heavily and we have to wait in the car for almost half an hour while waiting the rain to stop.

Slightly after 2.00 pm, the rain slowed down and we decided to make the move. The reception hall was only a couple of minutes away from the mosque. Once arrived, we were greeted by the groom's family. Here's some pics below.

The arrival of bride & groom. It was still raining outside.

Dino wore a simple baby blue satin Baju Melayu Johor whilst Bihar wore skin-coloured lace (see through mah) and royal blue songket.

Both look so sweet and tembam at the Main Table.

While waiting for the food to be served, we have to endure the loud kompang that we thought could last forever. Lapar dah tau...

Almost all family members were seated at the Main Table. Even Rayyan sat with his Atok.

The ladies sat on the left side of the bride.

A family photo taken before everybody parting goodbye to each other.

By 3.30pm, then reception was almost over. So after salam everybody, we had to make our way home to KL from JB. 3 cars left for KL with Lin & Ariff and kids in one car, Kak Kepol, Rina & Aishah in another car and then me & family. After filled up our gas tank full, we headed for the highway. Some of them got back to Kluang to help out Kak Imah & Abg Kahar before going back on Monday.

We made a couple of stop at the rest areas before we proceed home. Arrived KL about 9.00 pm. Alhamdullilah all went well for the wedding and us arriving home safely.

So if you want to see more pics, just click at the slide show on the top right of this blog. I'll add more pics from Ky's camera.

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