Monday, August 13, 2007

Old Treasures from USA

Whilst the men and kids were clearing the store and tearing down the fowl's pen, the ladies were clearing the cupboard inside the house. These cupboard had stored Mak's collections of plates, bowls, cup and sauces, glasses, and many more things.

You see, my mom used to buy dozens of plates and bowls on instalments or what they use to call 'kutu-kutu'. She will pay on monthly instalments like RM20 per month until it's all paid for. By then, she get another sets to top up her collections. So over the years, she had collected dozens of sets. I remember she used to say that "senang bila nak pakai" especially during kenduri.True enough, the plates and bowls were of use when the time comes. In fact until now we use it when there is kenduri.

Her collections also includes all those plastic containers. Some were Tupperware but other were free gifts containers that she collected over the years.

I was taking a rest while the ladies were clearing mom's cupboards. These cupboard had to be make way so that it's easier for the contractor to start the renovations. Whilst they were emptying the cupboard, they discovered many newspaper covered corning wares casseroles, which were well kept by mom. I found out that these are corning wares that I bought home from United States more than 20 years ago. It was a very expensive in Malaysia back then but sold quite cheap in the US.

This brings up the topics of how I use to buy these corning wares when I was a student. We, Malaysian students, would only buy these items when they were on sales. Reminising my life back then, I would always look out at the sales brochures and will buy these items on sales. I collected quite a few so that I can give them to mom for her use. But knowing mom, she will only use cheaper bowls and container then these expensive corning ware. Thus she will keep and protect these items from being used. I remember that I sent home these corning wares by crates to Malaysia.

My sister pestered my to collect all the corning wares back since mom is not using it much anymore. But when I ask mom, "Mak, Mak pakai lagi tak corning ware ni? She answered me, "pakai lagi." But everyone knew that these things have not been used for years. My sister quietly told me to sneak them back home. So I did. I can use them especially during open house. After all it all mine.

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