Monday, August 27, 2007

Reviving the Dream!

August 2007 Weekend Leadership Seminar

Last weekend I attended the Quarterly held seminar in Cheras. I always look forward to attend this quarterly-held National Convention - purely to revive my Dreams in building this business - as at times it fades slowly.

The guests speakers were Diamond Directs Martin & Tracy Hutchins from South Africa. They were awesome speakers and they related their journey to Financial Freedom.

There 3 days session were full of ideas, experience, information, knowledge, etc. etc. Of course there were also local speakers to do some openings and the in-between sessions. Different speakers gave different perspectives and visions.

I managed to write some notes (as the MC reminded us to do so & and so that I won't felt asleep hehehee..). Yeah, I got lots of notes. If I were to write here all the notes that I got, it would have filled at least 10 pages. But more importantly, I jotted down what intrigued my mind most by each speaker.

1. Emerald Direct Nahu (an engineer from Penang)

We often heard of S.M.A.R.T goals i.e. :
S = Specific

M = Measurable
A = Achievable
R = Realistic
T = Time

But interestingly, Nahu add it as S.M.A.R.T.E.R goal, which adds :
E = Excitement
R = Rewards,

which means that we need to be excited with our goals and attach a personal reward when we achieve it. And that makes sense to me.

2. Diamonds Direct Fathiah

Fathiah as usual shared the many books that she have read. She had recently finished a thick book by Jack Canfield - The Success Principles. Yes, lots of things that I got from her speech I tell you.

The Fabulous couple : Diamond Directs Zul & Fathiah

I don't know how fast I can read the thick book, but listening to Fathiah's perspective, she reveals lots of secrets in it.

Some of the notes that I wrote down :

Jack Canfield : "Believing is Seeing" instead of "Seeing is Believing" what is simply mean is that you got to have belief in you before you do it.

"In order for things to change, you rather see it to be than what they are now." It means that we have to visualise how can things be for us in the future than we are now".

"Heart-set desire vs Mind-set". When we have a heart-set desire, it gives us the emotional part of the feeling. Heart-set desire give stronger emotional feeling that drive a person to get what they want in life."

3. Executive Diamond Simon Thompson

Simon was the speaker during the Builders Meetings. This meeting is meant for those who want to start the business. And as for us the "old timers" it meant to be a reminder hahaha..

The Buring Desire Perfectionist : EDC Simon Thompson

4. Diamond Direct Tracy & Martin Hutchins

Although they have some accent of the South Afrikaans , I managed to understand. They were hilarious at times. Each of them were brought up by a single-parent and it a second marriage for both them. They had a conventional business and were once arrogant when someone showed them this business. Now they are financially free.

Diamond Direct Tracy Hutchins : "I will survive"

Tracy's favourite song since she was a child till now is "I will survive". Every time she was done and out, she remember this song. "I will survive in whatever circumstances!" To me that's very powerful.

Diamond Directs Martin Hutchins : The Jigsaw Puzzle story

One of thing that Martin's mentioned was the jigsaw puzzle story." It simply means that we have to picture what we want before we set what we have to do to get it by putting the puzzle together." "If you stop dreaming, you stop living." Wow ... that's something that intrigued my mind!

Besides this seminar, there were other Line of sponsorship-managed events, one of which was the Dream team challenged. Peter & Petulia's team "Dreamworks" won the 2nd runner-up in the open category. I am proud of them. With their dedication and continuous work has resulted their winning. Congratulations Dreamworks.

The DREAMWORKS : from left : Habsah & Zaky, Shafik, Saat, Peter, of course the diamonddreamer, Petulia, Tahir, Suriaty, Siti, Zakiah & Faraby.

While backstage before the leaders parade, I saw Shima & Syed busy discussing their scripts as they were the MC for the Saturday session. They were superb being MC. Well done Syed & Shima .... keep being the MC .. so we don't have to be one hahaha..

Syed & Shima : the MC for the Saturday session.

Overall this Weekend Seminar do trigger my passion for this business. Lots of mind boggling ideas and things that triggered my mind. Yes "I will survive in this business no matter what the circumstances" I am in because I have already had a "heart-set" desire.

Although I was also alone this time around because my beloved Ky was experiencing unpredictable health challenges, I never regret it. So much that she wanted to be with me at the seminar, I told her not to come. Sitting in the seminars for hours during the weekend can be stressful and strenuous for her health. However I updated her on it. It's ok sayang, we will survive ok.

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