Monday, August 13, 2007

Mana Reban Ayam Mak?

Probably you were asking, what is he talking about, right? Well, it's actually about my mom's asking where is her Fowl/chicken's pen (reban ayam).

You see, we were planning to made a small renovation at mom's house. The extension of the house somehow have to encroach Mak's fowl's pen which is very nearby to the house.

We, the siblings and nieces and nephews were clearing the house last Saturday. So many of the garbage (that includes all the things that Mak have been keeping for years and years) had to be disposed. Can you imagine things that were kept everywhere, under the cupboard, on top of cupboard, in the store, maybe were treasure to some, but not to us anymore.

I was the one who has to take charge on what to throw and what to keep. The old shoes, mostly belongs to my sisters, had to go first. "Sayang lah kasut tu.. boleh pakai lagi" my sis said. But I abruptly said, "Kasut tu dah takde sape lagi nak pakai. Lagi pun, dah teruk sangat.". These are the shoes that my sisters used to wear but not anymore. It's already outdated and have worn out.

Other things that were thrown out were old shoe rack, umbrellas, tons of old newspaper and magazines, old toys (my kids have outgrown them by now), old cassettes/cartridges (I use to record many TV programmes before), some broken records and many more.

Some of these things do bring memories to me. Whilst I my nephews and nieces brought the things to me, I do look at them. But I could not keep these things anymore. It has became old junk.

All these old junk had to be burnt with the old furniture that were already rotten and useless. Some were already infested by termites. So it's better to burn them down. The metal junk were set aside so that the contractor can dispose it elsewhere later.

Once the things inside the store were cleared, now it's turn to tear down the fowl's pen. I know it's hard to decide whether to tear it down or not. Mak have been rearing the chickens when she was young and much healthier. That was her passion. However, since a couple of years ago when she is bedridden, she only looks at the chickens from her room. She didn't go out anymore. My sister, Kak Lang will feed the chickens once while. Now there were only few chickens and fowls left.

Now with no more chicken's pen, Mak keep asking me, "Mana Reban ayam? Kat mana ayam-ayam tu nak tidur?" I pity her on her concern about the chickens. "Mak jangan susah.. pandai-pandai lah ayam tu cari tempat nak tidur mak."

I know it is heartening to hear mom asking me for upteens time about her Reban Ayam. But what can I say? I feel bad too mom! But we have to make way for house renovation.

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