Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I will survive in whatever circumstances!

Look at this picture that I took when I was in JB a couple of weeks ago. While waiting for the rain to stop, I saw these people came out from the mosque to return home from prayers. So what's the catch? Well maybe to you it is of none significant but it is to me.

You see the rain didn't show any sign of stopping within the next 20 minutes or so and I guess these 3 people a grandfather, a father and his daugther can't wait long to get back home for whatever reason so ever. So instead of waiting, they brave the rain using a piece of long plastic banner to cover themselves.

So you might think it is a stupid thing to do right? Why don't they wait for the rain to stop and start walking to their destination, right? But what do you know what are in their mind?

To me there are lots of significant. Firstly, I supposed they have to go somewhere for a reason. Maybe they have to get back home or where ever they want to go. Probably they got to be at their destination at certain time and waiting for the rain would certainly delay their schedule.

So the next thing to do is to think the best way to get to their destination. Probably they don't have a car. And probably they saw a unused plastic banner lying around and ideas came to use it as a cover.

More strategically, with three of them together, they can hold it together to move along synchronically forward. The shorter one in front and at the back whilst the tallest one in the middle. Thus it look like a moving tent.

Yeah for sure they get a bit wet but then again it's better then waiting for the rain to stop rather than missing the time or destination that they are heading for. But at the end, I guess they will get where they want to be.

Thus we can always relate this scenario in life. In life, they are so many things that we want to have, to go, to become, etc., etc. While pursuing to get our Dreams or Goals, we were sometime face obstacles and situation that holds us back. Most of us will taken aback when something came and disrupt our situation: maybe some family matters, work stress, relationship problems, health challenges. So if any of this situation arise, what do we do? Do we fall down and wait and wish for good things to happen us. Or do we get up and continue our journey to get to our Dreams and Objectives. Or do we find other ways and means to resolve those issues. What ever it is, are we doing something about it?

After hearing, Tracy Hutchins in the last Convention with her life's theme song "I WILL SURVIVE", I suddenly thought of this there people braving the rain. Yes they have lots to do about being significant and survive!

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