Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The King and Queen are coming!

Yes. The King and Queen are coming here tomorrow. This will be the first time they are coming to visit our company after being inaugurated as the 13th King. And they are coming to officially launch our new model.

And this will be the first time ever that a King officially launch our new model range. Usually the Prime Minister will have the honour to launch them. Hmm.. why? I don't know.

This morning our usual parking were block to make ways for this upcoming occasion. The parking lot which is next to our office have to be vacated. Thus I have to park elsewhere. Luckily I have that yellow parking sticker meant for the management and I got a good covered parking.

So what car is to be launched? Have a peek here. Well what do I think about this car? Hmm.. you see. We have been in the red for a couple of years now. Hopefully with the launch of this new car it will revive the sales and hopefully rise us up again.

l update more on the tomorrow.

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Brother Lans said...

Zam aslkum.I was at Akademi Saga on Wed 15th.Aug07 around 1530hrs & dropped by at the showroom where they have launched the Persona & Mawi was there performing.Asked some people around & they told me you are at the Proton Hi-Com office, the one on the way to Puchong,zittrue?Didn't call you bcoz haven't save your mobile no.
:-I Takpe,saje je.Wsalam