Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mom's missing Mimi

As usual I woke as early as 6.00 am this morning. Ky was quite awake and she told me that she miss little Mimi. In fact last night she was telling me about her missing her only daughter. Yesterday Angah & Ky, drove Mimi & her cousin, Ika to a school holiday camp in Bangi.

Mimi was sent to the school holiday camp cum Kem Ibadah after Ika induced her to go together with her. If she didn't go, Ika would probably won't go either. But the first question she ask was "Mimi kena pakai tudung ke?" "Habis tu dah kem ibadah, mesti lah kena pakai tudung!" was her mom's answer.

This is the first time Mimi attending a camp. Ky has every reason to be worried about her. When she sent the two girls there, the place called something like "Teratak Dugang Resort" was in middle on nowhere. Surrounded by jungle and the place as she puts it "macam kena tinggal je".

What worry her most is whose going to handle her. Her clothing, where she sleeps, what she eats, etc. etc. Being a mother I guess she has all those concerns. But I told her that "Don't worry, Mimi will survive!". Well she has once stayed with her cousins about a week during last holidays and she was fine. She had followed her Abang Joey & Kak Nina to Melaka to accompanied little Rayyan... and she was fine. What can I say?

But again, her mother's maternal emotional feeling is unbearable. Anyway the camp is only for two and half days. By Wednesday, she will fetch Mimi & Ika.

So we'll wait what Mimi has to say about her camping trip. But I know, my little daughter will survive.

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