Thursday, May 10, 2007

Job Description Q

"En. Azam... HRD nak JDQ ari ni jugak. Semua Manager belum hantar lagi" Siti came to my desk asking for the long overdue Job Description Questionaire. "Director of HR yang nak ni".What's the heck! I thought they have forgotten about it.

Shouldn't the HRD people design and layout our jobscope so that we can do what we are supposed to do. But it went the other way round. We are supposed to do our own JDQ.

As for me, I have been delaying it a few times till I totally forgotten about it until today. Well I never get into it since there were this KPI thinggy I have to do. Then the Performance Appraisal. These are the things on top of the daily chasing for teh production of cars and never-ending challenges to get the vessels space.

With or without JDQ, we still got to do all the things we have to do. My boss will scrutinise if I'm lacking in my responsiblities. Phone calls and queries will follow suit if things fall out of place. Reports got to be done to inform the everyone about it. So what's the point of having a JDQ. A colleague once told me " Bukan apa. Senang dia orang nak tukar kan orang lain kat tempat kau tu....." Oops.

Anway, I've completed my JDQ in less than 1 hour i.e. after delaying it since last 6 months. Amazing isn't it. I can do it in less than 1 hour! Due to the pressure of the HR Director wanted it by today seems to pushed me a bit harder and got it than in less than 1 hour. Phew!

As requested I have submitted it for endorsement by the boss and emailed a copy to Siti for reference.

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deOughtred said...


As usual lah, all this HR thing is so nuisance. Dah dekat 20 years of service, tak pernah ada Job TOR (we call that here), kereta jual jugak, betul tak?

Maybe lately since Proton asyik report negative performance je, so kena tengok lah anyone yang JTOR nye meng'contribute' to the losses.. hehehe

Or should we introduce Salary to the Job Load ratio and see who are the people carrying big ratio?! Shouldn't we just sack them?! Could be the HR Dirctor is one of them!!!!