Friday, March 23, 2007

Khutbah Jumaat

It is almost all Fridays that when the Khatib reads his khutbah, I almost be asleep. Why? Entah lah. Probably when your stomach is already filled up with lunch plus you were sitting under the cooling fan .. you'll be dozing off slowly. Or that the syaitan pull your eye lids down and pestering you to sleep.. haa..

But not today. I was paying my attention listerning to the khutbah by an Iman from Jais. It was about Wakaf for Akhirat i.e. your contribution for the after-life. Actually I have heard the same khutbah when we went for Friday prayer last week at Kg Bukit Lancung. But since my colleague was on some safety training course today, I have to go alone. But I decided to go to Masjid Al-Falah at USJ 9 near Taipan, which is air-conditioned.

I still remembered the Khatib said that "Ada 3 perkara yg kita akan bawa ke akhirat"
1. Ilmu yang ajar.
2. Doa Anak yang soleh.
3. Amal jariah.
So for me the no. 1, it good if you are religiously know how to teach good things to other people. As no. 2, you educate your children and they pray for you when you are already gone (Insyaallah my kids will do that). But you wouldn't know what they will do after you are gone. And no.3 is the least you could do i.e. to do amal jariah (good deed) while we are still alive. Thus by doing "wakaf" i.e. do some donation thru' the religious body is the next best thing. The best part of it, it is tax deductable. Wow that's a good idea.

So sometimes it worth to listen to the khutbah instead of dozing off during the sermon. Insyaallah.

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