Friday, March 23, 2007

In the space of people you love to be with..

I was browsing my Gmail inbox and saw that I got an email from Zul uptowndreamers. Attached were photographs taken when we had a party at Fathiah & Zul's new banglo at section 8, Shah Alam. The pics were great i.e. by using Zul's small compact digital camera.

That's was on Tuesday 20 March 2007. Why we had that party? Well it was Fathiah's idea of having fun in the business and also achieving the challenge given to the team i.e. show 16 plans, 600PV and pacestter. The special guest was our dearet business partner Roshni Abd Aziz. She now resides in Melbourne Australia with Abel and their kids, Raoul & Serene. Roshni is here for about a month and thus she makes use of her time building her business here and having fun too.

I arrived slightly after 8pm and there were a few of the networkers arrived already preparing the food. It's kind of potluck.. I didn't bring anything haha.. Petulia was preparing her pink-fruity punch drink. Sam & Heng and their daughter, 21 and son 10, were already there. They are from Vietnam. They were preparing their Vietnamese specialty spring roll with salad. It tasted good. Aina and her group were already there.

1. Food glorious food 2. ok let's arrange the food 3.Too many food, lets arrange them nicely
More food came later. Ming & Mew brought their Nasi Beriyani (from Idamansuri recipe), Habsah & Zaki - Mee Bandung, Ida - Rojak buah, Faisal - Cream Caramel, Zakiah & Faraby - Dalcha, and many more. Fathiah served her specialty Bread Pudding with custard sauce and her new found recipe of special-egg entree (whatever it is!). The table were then full with many kinds of delicious pot-luck food.

Ming broght his SLR Digital Camera. I took a few shots with his camera while he was busy with other things.
Roshni, our special guest came slightly after 9.00pm and received a warm welcome by the networkers, whom by now has packed Fatiah's house. She was excited, warm, and of course greeted and congratulate everyone for being there.

4. Ida, Rohana, Fathiah, Roshni, Zul & I. 5.Food are ready. So let's eat. 6.A light moment wih Roshni & Rohana

Once everybody was settled, it's time for FOOD! I was hungry by then and have already decide which one to eat first (since I was the one who arranged the food ok and I know which one look yummy). Started with Nasi Beriyani & Dalcha and then the Vietnamese spring roll. That was delicious. Continued
mee bandung and then rojak buah. By then I was full. Everybody enjoyed the food.

Managed to speak with Roshni for awhile. She was also busy entertaining the rest of the people.

By 10 something, when everybody dah kenyang, Fathiah gathered all the people in the TV room and invited Roshni to talk i.e. to give vision to us, especially to the new people. She told about her migration to Melbourne, about how she built the business there, about her family and of course her vision. She is a terrific lady and we are blessed to be part of her business and her being part of our lives. Outside it stared to rain really heavy. But it didn't matter to me cos listerning to Roshni give me hope that I can also do this business. Roshni also showed some pictured slides of her new house they just bought, pictures of Raoul & Serene (they akready grew up so tall), and many more.

Fathiah spoke how her vision on having bigger international business. Also on the opening in Vietnam. She also spoke how her "visualisation and positive thinking" had managed to lead her to more Vietnamese leads. She also spoke about a book that she recently read. On "giving and receiving". How we should say when other people complimented us for anything. Got a new perspective from her on that.

7. The Diamonds with the Men 8. Ming & I

It was already past mid-night and after saying goodbye to everybody, I left about 1.00 am. Well it was a good get togther, fun, some teaching and of course bring back some new vision and perspective from peolpe who are Financially Free but with good heart. Thanks to all the people who make the night real worth to attend. You love to be within the space of people that really care.
Cheers to Roshni, Fathiah & Zul.

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