Friday, March 9, 2007

What are you focussing on?

Simon used to ask : What are you focussing on now? Well that's a big question mark.

If we have a goal to be Financially Free, what is actually in our mind. Be it while you are working, while you are eating and even while you are sleeping. So what are you think?

Well for now, I'm focussing in getting new people in my pipeline. I want to revive my networking business by putting more people in the network. Since I have been keeping "passive" these few months, nothing much have happen in y business and my network is not expanding at all. So it's about time for me to focus on my business again.

Jim Dornan used to ask : How many people does it take to become Diamond? Well almost everybody knows the answer. It doesn't take 6 platinums to go Diamond but it takes ONE Person to become Diamond. It all starts with YOU. You are the one who should decide to become Diamond.You are the one who choose which 6 platinum you want to work with.

As for me, I have to decide myself that I should be the one who should create the Diamonship, and that not even my wife to decide. Well she too can decide to become Diamond along with me. But with her circumstances now, it is me to decide.

Hmm... well since I have been hibernating for too loooooong in the business, now it time to get out and do the work.

My goal till 20 March 2007: Rewards : BBQ with <>Roshni at FZ place.
20 Plans by 20 March
Silver eagle by 18 May 2007

I strongly believe that if you have a goal, do the work with focus, insyaallah the will be result. I have not been showing plan too long. Probably because there is no goal. The Dream is not strong enough. The pain is not painful enough. etc. etc.. Yeah I know all that. But sometimes it also take some challenge by your upline team given you so that you move on.

Roshni, our dearest upline Diamond (now residingin Australia) will conducting a
"Mega Home Meeting" at FZ's house this Friday 9 March 2007.

As of yesterday 8 March 2007, I have invited several colleage of mine, Azman Md Nor, Zamri Lias, Khairuddin, Amir Harun, Hj Ramlan to this "Mega Home Meeting" by Roshni. They seems to be interested to see this business concept. I've also invited Azlee to come.

Well regardless whether these guys will join my pipeline or not, let them decide. As for me, with or without them, I will be a Diamond!!!!!!!

If Simon ask again,
What are you focussing on now? I have an answer for him.
I'm focus in showing 20 plans every month, focus in building 3 legs simultaneously, focus in becoming double pacesetter every month cos I want to become DIAMOND!

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