Sunday, April 1, 2007

Family gathering - Birthday Celebration & Meeting on Wedding

This weekend was quite filled up for me. Why? Well let me write something on it. I am the organiser & chairman for this week event.

Saturday starts with my normal routine, it's pasar time. Pasar Selayang was my first destination to buy all the vegetables, chicken and fish. Parking was not bad and got one under bridge. NSK nearby was the next stop to get all the dry stuff.

I already told my kids to be back at home and get ready by 12.00 noon so that we can get to Nenek's house for Birthday celebration (Feb, March & April) and for a family meeting on Emma's wedding. Acik got back home from his practise about 12.00 and everybody were already in the Avanza by 12.30pm heading for nenek's house.

It was a portluck celebration and we brough along fried chickens. By the time we got to nenek's house almost everybody was there. Greeted everybody. Everybody was busy making dishes and arranging the food on table. The men were rearranging the living room to make space for Zuhur prayers. By 1.25pm the sejadah were arranged nicely and we prayed together.

By the way, Daniel @ Dennis from Holland - Emma's boyfriend is already here. I was informed that he has converted to Islam last Monday 26 March 2007 at Perkim Jalan Ipoh. Alhamdullilah. I wish him all the best to embrace Islam and be a true Muslim. They are getting married this June and the family is organising their wedding. That's is one of the reasons why almost all the family was here.

After the Zuhur prayers, our stomachs were already croaking for food. Well enough was more than enough. There were sambal sotong (Mak Lang), Ayam masak lemak, kacang panjang goreng, ikan sembilang masak asam, ulam & ikan masin, sambal ikan bilis petai... and many more. The food was delicious.

For kids there were home made KFC fried chicken, burgers, mashed potatoes (made by Daniel & Emma), french fries. Desserts includes jelly, grapes, koci, yellow watermellon, roc mellon, buah kundang, etc.

Well foods were plenty for everybody. Not a problem. In fact, plenty to be 'tapau' back home.

The Birthday Celebrations
After stomach were filled up but before our eyes got weary and sleepy, we got to kick-off with the event. It's the birthday celebration for February, March & April. There were 18 birthday babes altogether but only 15 turned up because some of my nieces & nephews in Labuan and Kedah can't be with us.

Syahrul Azwan Mohd Ariffin 2 Feb 1980
Mohd Azharuddin Mohd Anuar 5 Feb 1985
Roszita Osman (Zee) 2 Feb 1967
Mohd Azam Ismail 13 Feb 1960
Mohd Nazatullah Mohd Nazmi (Naza) 12 Feb 1994
Mohd Nikmatullah Mohd Nazmi (Niki) 7 Feb 2001

Muhammad Zaki Mohd Ariffin (Aki) 26 Mar 1995
Mohd Aswadi Mohd Adnan (Aboy) 14 Mar 1992
Rina Azura Razalie (Zura) 5 Mar 1984
Mohd Rusydi Razali (Didi) 20 Mar 1986
Mohamad Aizat Mohd Azam (Angah) 9 Mar 1992
Zalma Ismail 18 Mar 1963
Mohd Hidayatullah Mohd Nazmi (Ayat) 27 Mar 1997

Hajjah Harrison Hussein 9 Apr 1952
Siti Nurul Aini Mohd Anuar (Siti) 4 Apr 1988
Quratul Quswa Mohd Azman (Wawa) 25 Apr 2003
Afiqah Izati Taharuddin (Ika) 12 Apr 1997
Muhammad Afiq Taharuddin (Apik) 21 Apr 2001

The celebration went well. Although it was a simple do, but everyone enjoyed especially the kids when the received presents from every family. I have told everybody that it is not how big or how expensive the presents are, but more importantly the thought and the art of giving to other people. I got some presents too hahaaa...

To make the occasion more interesting, Mimi and Ky had actually prepares a short quiz - about Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. - in conjunction of Maulidul Rasul today. She also prepared some small gifts for people who answer her correctly. That's my girl. She always want to enjoy things. I guess she got it from her mom.

Meeting on Emma & Daniel's wedding
We start the meeting with doa selamat.

I chaired this meeting. It was the 3rd meeting to update the family members with regards to the wedding.
As many had known, Daniel had already converted as a Muslim. Alhamdullilah.

We went thru the agenda one by one.

  1. The next week on 7 April 2007, is the Khatam Quran & Engagement Ceremony at Kg Tunku, P.J.
  2. 16 June 2007, will be the Akad Nikah ceremony in Masjid Terapung, Kuala Terengganu - Emma & Daniel chose that mosques because it kind of special for them.
  3. 23 June 2007 - wedding reception at Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay, KL. It's a sit down reception.
  4. 24 June 207 - wedding reception at Wisma Getah Asli.

Of course we went thru the details part of it. However there things need to be confirmed, straighten up and settled. The next meeting is proposed middle May i.e about a month before the wedding.

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