Sunday, April 8, 2007

Another Hectic Saturday

Emma's Khatam Quran & Engagement

Woke early in the morning & send Acik to school for his "kelas tambahan". He is taking his UPSR this year. That mean he can't join his cousins for the Khatam Quran. To those who doesn't know what is "Khatam Quran" it is actually the completion of reading the Quran. This ceremony is observed for every Muslim. At least once a lifetime, we should complete it.

Only Kiky, Mimi & I would be able to go. Picked-up Mak & Kak Lang by 9.00am. Drove off to Kg Tunku by 9.30am. When we arrived Kg Tunku, everybody was already there. Emma, Ika, Nazar, Adila & Shikin was ready for the Khatam Quran ceremony except for the Marhaban Group. Later I got to know that they lost their way to Kg Tunku but managed to arrived by 10.30am. Whilst waiting for them, Ky got them practising their reading (tajwid) so that they won't hick-up later.

Once the Marhaban Group from Kg Baru arrived, they were served breakfast. Thus the Khatam Quran starts. Daniel (Emma's Fiance soon-to-be) was there to observed the whole ceremony. It's good for him to accustomised with our culture here. By 12.00 noon, the ceremony completed. At the end of this ceremony, Kak Chik thanks the marhaban group for making the whole ceremony without a glitch. They were later invited for lunch which were already prepared outside.

As planned earlier, once the Khatam Quran & Marhaban ceremony completed, the engagement ceremony will take place. Since Daniel (a Dutch) who is here alone and to make him officially engaged to Emma, some form of Malay tradition has to take place i.e. the merisik and "bertunang". In this case, Daniel is represented by his foster parent i.e. En Bakar. The Bride family were represented by our eldest brother. After the berbalas pantun took place and agreement was reached upon, then Mom put in the engagement ring to Emma. Mom also presented her with a gold necklace. Doa selamat was also done as all went smoothly.


Though it was a simple ceremony but it is meaningful to both parties especially to Daniel & Emma since this is their engagement. The guests were invited for lunch which were already served outside. By 1.30pm, we all prayed together and left by 2.30pm.

Dania's 1st Birthday

Bi's first grand daughter's 1st birthday bash was held in Kelab Sri Damansara at 3.00pm. Since we arrived home only at 3.30pm and after a quick shower we drove straight to that Club house. We arrived slightly after 4.15pm. Almost everybody was there. We make a "Grand Entrance" since we were late and everybody was watching us hahahaa.. Greeted everyone.

Bi, as usual was the MC for the ceremony, had already organising some games for the parents & kids. We had some food and some fun. I did managed to have some chat with relatives whom I have not seen a while. Just to touch base with them especially the elders.

Left the club about 6.00pm and left for Ijah's house in Kota Damansara. Rest for awhile.

Berubat with Pak Santo

After Maghrib we had dinner and by 8.05pm, Hindon, Ky and I left for Abang Ad's house in Kelana Jaya. By the time we arrived, Pak Santo & Kamar was already there. By the way, Pak Santo is an Indonesian Architec but also practise alternative medicine. He can scan a human body and tells you what sickness you have. Ky, Hindon & Kak Illah have been seeing him for a while now.

Ky & Kak Illah both have breast cancer. Hindon has seizures. And we felt that besides the normal medical treatment, why not also try alternative treatment. We shall find means and ways to get healed. For all sickness, there is a cure. We have to find out ourself. It all in the God's hand.

Since I was too tired, I went up and catch a few minutes to doze off. By 11.00pm we sent back Hindon to Kota Damansara, fetched Mimi and head for home.

Arrived home by 12.15 am. After the Isyak prayers.. here I am updating by blog.
Now the time already shows 1.44 am and I thinks its time for me to take a break and head for my bed. What a Saturday!!!

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